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i>Clicker PRS

Personal Response Systems are used in the classroom to obtain realtime feedback and answers from students.

PRS at Colgate

Clickers (Colgate uses the i>clicker brand) are specialized devices that communicate to classroom base stations where answers are collected and made available for display or analysis. Other student PRS systems allow students to use computers or phones to answer.

What Are Clickers?

Clickers are hand-held devices which provide wireless feedback to polls, enabling teachers to quickly gauge student understanding of the subject at hand. For instance, an instructor can ask a multiple-choice question, and students can use their iClickers to select A-E letter answers. These responses can be recorded (or not) and made available to the instructor for grading or analysis. In other words, clickers can provide a mechanism for students to participate anonymously, and also integrate a 'game approach' that engages students more than a traditional class discussion.

Colgate currently uses iClicker PRS v. 6.4.2

Seven things you should know about clickers.

Clickers Can...

  • Improve student class participation
  • Spark debate and discussion
  • Provide feedback to faculty — are students understanding?
  • Give everyone the opportunity to contribute (even the shy ones)
  • Act as a quiz delivery system
  • Track attendance
Video examples of iClicker at Colgate

Getting Started

Contact ITS to obtain more information on iClicker, training, and request an iClicker "instructor kit." The instructor kit contains a base station receiver, one student clicker, and one instructor clicker, as well as the software.  

The following links provide more information about iClicker

*NOTE:  While iClicker recently released version 7 of the software, merging the iClicker and iGrader functions into one product Colgate is still using version 6.4.2 of the iClicker and iGrader software.


In addition to the getting started guides listed above, Colgate ITS provides additional hands-on support for our faculty.  Please contact the helpline to request additional assistance.

Student Resources

Student support articles

The Colgate libraries have some great material dealing with clicker use:

Author: Margaret R. Asirvatham
Title: Clickers in Action: Increasing Student Participation in General Chemistry

Author: Derek Bruff
Title: Teaching with Classroom Response Systems: Creating Active Learning Environments
The former book, while concentrating on chemistry specifically, has some really great general clicker use tips in the first thirds of the book.