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The department works to provide a professional response and quality of service, in concert with developing community partnerships that foster mutual trust, respect, accountability and cooperation.

Emergency Services

  • Medical Response
    Patrol officers are trained in CPR, the use of an automated external defibrillators (AED), and first aid. All primary patrol vehicles are equipped with first aid equipment and an AED.

    The Campus Safety Department also enjoys a cooperative working relationship with faculty, staff, and student volunteers of the Southern Madison County Ambulance Corps (SOMAC). In case of a medical emergency, dial 911By cell phone, dial 315-228-7911.
  • Emergency Notification and Alert Systems
    The campus community may sign up for RAVE emergency notifications. Users may elect to receive notifications about campus emergencies by phone, SMS (text message), and e-mail.

    The campus also features an outdoor audio alert system for making announcements about emergencies across the campus.
  • Outdoor Emergency Telephones
    The Blue Light Emergency Telephone System is a series of telephone boxes strategically located throughout campus to provide assistance to anyone in distress.

    Overhead blue lights identify the telephones. When the receiver is lifted, they automatically dial into the campus safety office, where an officer will be dispatched to provide assistance.
  • Indoor Emergency Telephones
    Interior emergency telephones are linked directly to the dispatcher and are located in numerous campus buildings.

General Services

  • ’Gate Cards
    The Campus Safety Department issues and maintains official Colgate identification cards. The card is issued free of charge, but a fee is assessed to replace lost, mutilated, or stolen cards. Community members may be required by university officials to produce their ID cards to verify personal identification, and should carry their ID cards at all times.
  • Room Lockouts
    To help ensure the safety and security of our students, Campus Safety will assist students who have locked themselves out of their residence room. Verification of housing assignment and a person’s identity will be made by campus safety. This service is provided free once per year and students are charged for subsequent lockouts.
  • Lost and Found
    The department maintains a lost and found service. If you find any property, please take it to the department office. If you have lost any property, contact Campus Safety to determine if it has been turned in.
  • Motor Vehicle Assistance
    Upon request, the Campus Safety Department assists motorists  on campus with disabled vehicles by providing battery jump-starts.  Each patrol vehicle is equipped to provide jump-starts in addition to a portable battery pack, which can be loaned (in exchange for a valid form of identification). The department is also available to assist those who have locked their keys in their vehicle.

Parking and Transportation

  • Parking Permits
    All vehicles on campus must be registered with campus safety. Parking permits are free and may be obtained at the department office 24 hours a day. Visitors may obtain short-term parking permits for parking privileges on campus. For a more complete listing of university parking regulations, see the the parking information page.

    To pay fines, please visit the university cashier's window.
  • Student Medical Transportation
    For students with injury or illness

    The department provides non-emergency transportation to and from the student health center, the hospital emergency room, classes, and students' on campus residences. A medical transport detail officer, who is on duty weekdays from 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., utilizes a vehicle designated for these transports.

Education and Outreach

  • Adopt-a-Hall
    Adopt-a-Hall is an interactive program between Campus Safety officers and students.

    The program begins with each residential unit having one or more officers assigned to spend extra time in their area to get to know the residents and staff residents. We hope that building positive relationships makes it easier for all community members to approach each other with any questions or concerns they may have while continuing to expand upon the out-of-classroom learning experiences.

    In each area, officers will coordinate various activities with residents such as Operation ID, Fatal Vision, BBQ's, Pizza Nights, and educational programs such as first aid and CPR.

    Students will meet their Adopt-a-Hall Officer(s) within the first weeks of the semester. Contact campus safety with questions, concerns, and suggestions.
  • Fire Safety Awareness
    Fire safety presentations are provided to all new students each fall, and are offered to fraternity and sorority residents as well as faculty and staff. Fire safety programs are conducted in resident halls addressing awareness issues of fire prevention, fire extinguishments, and the dangers and consequences of false (malicious) fire alarms. The department conducts fire drills in all university buildings as part of this program. All campus buildings are inspected annually according to regulation set forth by the New York State Education Department and local codes set forth by the New York State Fire Prevention and Construction Code.
  • First-Year Orientation
    The Campus Safety staff provides a presentation to all incoming first-year students during orientation providing them with crime prevention tips and to acquaint them with programs and services offered by the department. The orientation program is an opportunity for incoming students to learn more about the functions of the department through an up-close and personal presentation conducted by officers of the department.
  • Park Smart
    Park Smart is a crime prevention program that heightens motor vehicle operators' awareness when they are in parking areas. The program provides personal safety tips and recommends all valuables be placed out of sight and vehicles be locked. The program utilizes passive programming as well as active participation of student organizations in checking vehicles, noting if valuables are left in plain sight or if a vehicle is left unlocked. A Campus Safety officer then contacts the vehicle’s owner and reminds them of the importance of parking lot safety.
  • Crime Prevention Presentations
    Presentations are offered to all campus constituents, including students, faculty and staff, and student organizations.

Security and Crime Prevention

  • Bicycle Identification Tag Program
    Colgate University Bicycle Identification Tag program allows Colgate community members to register their bicycle with us. The make, model, color, serial number, speeds, extra equipment, etc. is recorded and then a sticker is placed on the bicycle. In the event the bicycle may be lost or stolen, campus safety as well as other law enforcement agencies will be able to return the bicycle to the rightful owner. Campus Safety officers also hang a tag on all bicycles found unlocked, reminding everyone of the importance to secure their bicycle and/or register it with us.
  • Personal Safety Escorts
    From dusk to dawn, walking personal safety escorts from and to any on-campus location are provided to members of the campus community.
  • Personal Property ID Tagging
    Termed Operation ID, this program is offered as a free service to the Colgate community and consists of officers scheduling visitations to residence halls, encouraging students to engrave an identification number on personal property (e.g., computers, stereos, televisions, and video equipment) and recording the student’s equipment information. 

    The recorded information is then stored at the Campus Safety Department. By participating in this program, community members deter thieves from stealing their property and increase their chances of recovering their stolen property. The program also aids the criminal justice system in successfully prosecuting criminals.
  • Weapons Storage
    Numerous weapons are prohibited by law in New York state (refer to the Colgate Student Handbook and State Law for specifics). Firearms of all types are strictly prohibited on campus. While rifles and shotguns are not permitted on campus or in university buildings, there is a provision for their secure storage at the Campus Safety Department for those students utilizing them for sporting or hunting purposes at off-campus locations.
  • Security Surveys
    Security surveys of exterior lighting, perimeter security, doors, locks, and grounds are conducted upon request.