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Rebecca Metzler University Portrait 2015

Rebecca Metzler

Associate Professor of Physics
Physics & Astronomy, 230 Ho Science Center
p 315-228-6025


BS Denison University 2004; PhD University of Wisconsin at Madison 2010

Teaching Experience

Introductory Physics - class and lab
Introduction to Quantum Mechanics and Special Relativity
Molecules, Cells, and Genes - class and lab
CORE - Foodwise - Scientific Perspective


Biophysics with a focus on biomineralization.


Biomineralization, the interaction between organic and inorganic materials, and barnacles.


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Effects of clumping on temperature- I. Externally heated clouds.
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2. Rebecca A. Metzler, Mike Abrecht, Ronke M. Olabisi, Daniel Ariosa, Christopher J. Johnson, Bradley H. Frazer, Susan N. Coppersmith, P.U.P.A. Gilbert.
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3. Rebecca A. Metzler, Dong Zhou, Mike Abrecht, Jau-Wern Chiou, Jinghua Guo, Daniel Ariosa, Susan N. Coppersmith, P.U.P.A. Gilbert.
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Langmuir 24, 2680-2687 (2008).

5. Dong Zhou, Rebecca A. Metzler, Tolek Tyliszczak, Jinghua Guo, Mike Abrecht, Susan N. Coppersmith, P.U.P.A. Gilbert.
Assignment of polarization-dependent peaks in carbon K-edge spectra from biogenic and geologic aragonite.
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6. Yael Politi, Rebecca A. Metzler, Mike Abrecht, Benjamin Gilbert, Fred Wilt, Irit Sagi, Lia Addadi, Steve Weiner, and P.U.P.A. Gilbert.
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Procs. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 106, 6048-6053 (2009). Also featured in the New York Times (

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Asprich peptides are occluded in calcite and permanently disorder biomineral crystals.
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14. Christopher E. Killian, Rebecca. A. Metzler, Y.U.T. Gong, Tyler H. Churchill, Ian C. Olson, Vasily Trubetskoy, Matthew B. Christensen, John H. Fournelle, Francesco De Carlo, Sidney Cohen, Julia Mahamid, Andreas School, Anthony Young, Andrew Doran, Fred H. Wilt, Susan N. Coppersmith, and P.U.P.A. Gilbert.
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15. Raymond S.K. Lam, Rebecca A. Metzler, P.U.P.A. Gilbert, and Elia Beniash.
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J. Structural Biology, 183, 180-190 (2013).


The organic-mineral interaction in mollusk shells.


Aladdin Lamp award winner - SRC User's Meeting 2009