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Sierra Negra Eruption Information

October 22-30, 2005
On October 22nd, 2005, Sierra Negra volcano in the Galapagos began erupting. The last time this volcano erupted was in 1979. The volcano has been the focus of an extended GPS study by Dennis Geist, Bill Chadwick, and Dan Johnson for the past few years, funded by the National Science Foundation.

Three of us who have been studying the Galapagos for several years were fortunate to be able to travel to there to monitor the eruption: Dennis Geist (University of Idaho), Terry Naumann (University of Alaska, Anchorage), and me. The Galapagos National Park and the Charles Darwin Research Station were incredibly helpful in getting us to the eruption as quickly as possible.

Our work at the eruption was generously supported by the National Science Foundation, Earth Sciences Division.

Below are several resources relevant to the eruption and its progress:

Sierra Negra GPS Location Information

This map shows the location of the continuous GPS stations on Sierra Negra. The warmer the color, the higher the elevation. The October eruption took place just to the west (left) of GV01.
Map of the locations of the continuous GPS stations on Sierra Negra
In this next map (below), Bill Chadwick superimposed the locations of the GPS stations with a satellite image of the eruption. The red line represents the approximate extent of the fissures from the first phase of the eruption, and white shows hot areas (lava). The satellite image comes from NASA.
Locations of the GPS stations superimposed on a satellite image of the eruption