July 11, 2021 — This Week’s New-Student Digest

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A mural.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Module — The Learning Continues ...

Diversity — of thought, experiences, beliefs, and perspectives different from our own — enriches our educational journey. It strengthens our communities and promotes personal growth. Most importantly, it prepares us to be good citizens of the world.

Sign into Moodle with your @colgate.edu email address and your password. You will see “My Courses” — below that, click on “First Year Experience 2021” and find the DEI section. If you have difficulty with Moodle, please contact itshelp@colgate.edu.

Example of a Colgate ’Gate Card

’Gate Card

Your ’Gate Card is your official Colgate identification card. It’s important to have it with you at all times and present it to campus officials when requested. Your ’Gate Card is your all-access key to living on campus. All incoming students need to provide the University with a headshot for printing of your ’Gate Card ID no later than Friday, August 13.


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In case you missed this in last month’s email, the best way to get to know Colgate and Hamilton is by experiencing them. Check out the videos below.

Colgate History and Traditions

Members of our orientation link staff introduce you to Colgate’s 200-year history and traditions that have shaped generations of students.

“A Slice of Hamilton, N.Y.”

Take a tour of downtown Hamilton, N.Y., with Willa King ’22.