Link Staff 2019–20

Meet the Link Staff, Colgate Students who serve as guides for new students throughout orientation, as well as mentors throughout students’ first year.

Each first-year seminar is matched with a member of the link staff.

Meet The Link Staff

Links Working with Transfer Students

Grant Morro

Grant Morro ’20

Hometown: Darien, CT

Major(s): Political Science / Music

Campus Involvement: Club Lacrosse, Colgate University Orchestra, Newman Community

Fun Fact: I make the best eggnog at Christmas time. It's unreal.

Katie Roell

Katharine Roell ’21

Hometown: Manchester, NH

Major(s): English / French 

Campus Involvement: Panhellenic Council, Monthly Rag

Fun Fact: In high school, my robotics team qualified for and competed in the World Championships 

Emily Yin

Emily Yin ’21

Hometown: Poolesville, MD

Major(s): Biochemistry 

Minor(s): Spanish 

Campus Involvement: Rugby, Doctor Shadowing

Fun Fact: I broke my nose attempting to do a standing back flip in the 7th grade.

Charlie Zane

Charles Zane ’21

Hometown: Guilford, CT

Major(s): Economics

Minor(s): Middle East and Islamic Studies

Campus Involvement: Colgate Investment Group

Fun Fact: I say most words backwards 

Links Working With First-Year Students

Hannah Adkins

FSEM 100 - Hannah Adkins ’20

Hometown: Atlanta, GA

Major(s): Peace and Conflict Studies

Campus Involvement: Konosioni, SGA, Sidekicks

Fun Fact: I once went on tour with the Blue Man Group.

Annalise Simons

FSEM 100 - Annalise Simons ’21

Hometown: Atlanta, GA

Major(s): International Relations 

Minor(s): French 

Campus Involvement: Curling, Student Athletic Trainer, Shock Dance Group

Fun Fact: In the 8th grade T-Pain asked me to take a photo of his family.

Paul Jung

FSEM 101 - Paul Jung ’20

Hometown: Fort Lee, NJ

Major(s): Film and Media Studies / Economics

Campus Involvement: Charred Goosebeak Improv Comedy, ETC Sketch Comedy, WRCU Radio Host, Brothers

Fun Fact:  I've never been stung by a bee, and I intend to KEEP IT THAT WAY #savethebees #savetheclocktower

Natalia Valente

FSEM 101 - Natalia Valente ’21

Hometown: Newport Beach, CA

Major(s): International Relations / French

Campus Involvement: 2021 VP, BRITE Club, Pre-Law Society, Equestrian Team

Fun Fact: I sleep talk in French

Ayah Elarabi

FSEM 102 - Ayah Elarabi ’20

Hometown: Hamden, CT

Major(s): International Relations/Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies

Campus Involvement: Student Government Association, Konosioni Senior Honor Society, Sexual Assault Prevention and Support

Fun Fact: When I wave my right arm around it looks like the inflatable tube man outside of car washes.

Zack Shanus

FSEM 103 - Zachary Shanus ’20

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Major(s): History 

Minor(s): Peace and Conflict Studies 

Campus Involvement: Blue Diamond Society, Madison Mentoring, Tour Guide, Colgate Angler Society

Fun Fact: I once sang "Boyfriend" by Justin Bieber at a middle school talent show

Ahmaud Gabriele

FSEM 105 - Ahmaud Gabriele ’22

Hometown: Atlanta, GA

Major(s): Psychology 

Minor(s): Political Science

Campus Involvement: MMA, Pep Band, Symphonic Band, Ballroom Dance, Latin American Dance, Midnight Philosophy

Fun Fact: My mom is from Guyana!

Kelsey McGeough

FSEM 105 - Kelsey McGeough ’21

Hometown: Weston, MA

Major(s): English

Minor(s): Spanish 

Campus Involvement: Admissions Tour Guide, Maroon News, Madison-Mentors, Women's Club Soccer 

Fun Fact: In eighth grade I played Jafar in Aladdin

Abby Blair

FSEM 106 - Abigail Blair ’21

Hometown: San Francisco, CA 

Major(s): Astrophysics

Campus Involvement: Colgate Maroon News and Impulse

Fun Fact: I love to run! I participate in road races and marathons in the summer months.

Caraline McDonnell

FSEM 106 - Caraline McDonnell ’21

Hometown: Carmel, NY

Major(s): Psychology

Minor(s): Creative Writing / Sociology 

Campus Involvement: Dischords a Cappella, Utica Refugee Tutor, Sidekicks, Irish Step Dance, Psychology Research, Student Intern at the Office of Alumni Relations, Colgate Book Society 

Fun Fact: I once tried to break the record for longest time standing on stilts, but my mom made me get down for dinner. 

Anthony Wright

FSEM 107 - Anthony Wright ’20

Hometown: New York, NY

Major(s): Educational Studies 

Campus Involvement: Konosioni Honor Society, Melanated, Black Student Union, Brothers, ALANA Ambassador, SORT, Latin American Dance, OUS Scholar 

Fun Fact: I met Elmo when I was younger.

Wayne Sampson

FSEM 108 - Wayne Sampson ’21

Hometown: Queens, NY

Major(s): Environmental Studies

Campus Involvement: Colgate Thirteen

Fun Fact: I secretly love country music.

Olivia Tyndall

FSEM 108 - Olivia Tyndall ’20

Hometown: Boxborough, MA

Major(s): Peace and Conflict Studies

Minor(s): French / Political Science

Campus Involvement: Colgate Pre-Law Society and SAT tutoring

Fun Fact: I spent last semester in Switzerland.

Dustin Goldberg

FSEM 110 - Dustin Goldberg ’20

Hometown: Port Monmouth, NJ

Major(s): Political Science

Minor(s): Philosophy

Campus Involvement: Philanthropy chair, house manager

Fun Fact: I can wiggle one ear.

Skye Nieves

FSEM 110 - Skye Nieves ’20

Hometown: Buffalo, NY

Major(s): Native American Studies

Campus Involvement: WRCU DJ, DDT, Groove Dance Troupe, Native American Student Allies, Women's Ultimate Frisbee

Fun Fact: I wear a different Christmas sweater everyday after Thanksgiving.

Willa King

FSEM 114 - Willa King ’22

Hometown: New York, NY

Major(s): Undeclared 

Campus Involvement: Hamilton Fire Department, Office of Sustainability, Club Field Hockey and Club Ice Hockey. 

Fun Fact: I live on Waverly Place in NYC. 

Jess Hay

FSEM 115 - Jessica Hay ’20

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Major(s): Educational Studies 

Minor(s): Writing & Rhetoric / Film & Media Studies 

Campus Involvement: Varsity Softball, WRCU, Athletic Communications, Student Athlete SAPAS

Fun Fact: The only time I use a spoon is when I am eating cereal. 

Estelle Kelty

FSEM 115 - Estelle Kelty ’21

Hometown: Bronxville, NY 

Major(s): Biology

Minor(s): Sociology 

Campus Involvement: Sock Dance Group, Student Ambassador to Haven, Student Tutor for the CLTR. 

Fun Fact: I will only watch Netflix with closed captions or subtitles!

Brittney Chin

FSEM 119 - Brittney Chin ’21

Hometown: Long Island, NY

Major(s): Computer Science

Minor(s): Educational Studies

Campus Involvement: <Colgate Coders>, University Chorus and Chamber Singers, Admissions Tour Guide, Career Services Intern

Fun Fact: I once saw the same Broadway show 3 times in the span of a month and a half.

Kevin Grijalva

FSEM 119 - Kevin Grijalva ’20

Hometown: Imperial, CA

Major(s): History / Sociology 

Campus Involvement: OUS Scholar, University Student Conduct Board,  Latin American Student Organization, Administrative Advising Student Assistant, CLSI Front Desk Manager

Fun Fact: There are two sets of twins in my family, and we are only ten months apart.

Amarachi Iheanyichukwu

FSEM 122 - Amarachi Iheanyichukwu ’21

Hometown: New York City, NY

Major(s): Political Science / English

Campus Involvement: Student Government Association, Yearbook Committee, The Colgate Magazine, Multicultural Recruitment Committee, African Student Union

Fun Fact: I never graduated from elementary school

Alexis Torres

FSEM 122 - Alexis Torres ’20

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Major(s): Women's Studies

Campus Involvement: Latin American Student Organization, Konosioni Senior Honor Society, Latin American Dance.

Fun Fact: I have lived my entire life less than a street block away from an airport.

David Little

FSEM 124 - David Little ’20

Hometown: East Dennis, MA

Major(s): Psychology / Economics

Campus Involvement: Southern Madison County Volunteer Ambulance Corps, Konosioni Senior Honor Society, Colgate Activities Board, Hamilton Area Community Coalition

Fun Fact: I used an Uber for the first time in my life this summer!

Valerie Deleon

FSEM 125 - Valerie Deleon ’22

Hometown: Fairport, NY

Major(s): Molecular Biology

Campus Involvement: Club Squash

Fun Fact: My summer job is being a salesperson at a bean bag store!! (Check us out online @Yogibo and I could hook us up with some).

Yimei Lin

FSEM 127 - Yimei Lin ’20

Hometown: Manlius, NY

Major(s): Music / Biology

Campus Involvement: Colgate University Orchestra, Chamber Players, Chemistry tutor, Pre-Vet Club, University Church 

Fun Fact: I’ve delivered puppies before.

Kristen Miquel

FSEM 127 - Kristen Miquel ’22

Hometown: Newton, MA

Major(s): International Relations

Minor(s): Economics

Campus Involvement: Member of the Swim and Dive Team, President's Club

Fun Fact: I have triple citizenship- to the United States, France, and Germany!

Charley Saltzgaber

FSEM 129 - Charlotte Saltzgaber ’20

Hometown: Weston, CT

Major(s): Computer Science

Minor(s): Psychology

Campus Involvement: Outdoor Education, Shock Dance Group, Women in Computer Science, WRCU Radio

Fun Fact: I was the Raider mascot for one soccer game my first year at Colgate!  

Johanna Burke

FSEM 130 - Johanna Burke ’21

Hometown: Hamburg, NY

Major(s): Political Science / Environmental Studies

Campus Involvement: Baking Club, University Chorus, Newman Community, Shock Dance Group

Fun Fact: I'm very distantly related to Bill Nye the Science Guy.

Chris Pang

FSEM 130 - Chris Pang ’20

Hometown: Hong Kong

Major(s): Molecular Biology 

Minor(s): Pre-Dental

Campus Involvement: Theta Chi, SAPAS, HKSA, DJ, MAPS

Fun Fact: I'm trilingual and play a variety of instruments. 

Nick Quinn

FSEM 135 - Nicholas Quinn ’20

Hometown: Macungie, PA

Major(s): Geography

Minor(s): Women’s Studies 

Campus Involvement: Konosioni Senior Honor Society, Colgate Resolutions, COVE, Tutor  

Fun Fact: I went to the same orthodontist as Amanda Seyfried!

Dewey Wilbanks

FSEM 137 - Dewey Wilbanks ’21

Hometown: Birmingham, AL

Major(s): Chemistry / Religion

Campus Involvement: Student Government Association

Fun Fact: I have 21 first cousins.

Sarah Contento

FSEM 143 - Sarah Contento ’22

Hometown: Camden, ME

Major(s): Undeclared 

Campus Involvement: Hamilton Outdoor Group, Students for Environmental Action, Admissions Hometown Ambassador, Team Boston, Club Soccer, Club Ice Hockey, Club Lacrosse, Intramural Soccer.

Fun Fact: My favorite foods are steak and corn.

Paul Nugent

FSEM 143 - Paul Nugent ’21

Hometown: Highland Mills, NY

Major(s): Geology / Music

Campus Involvement: Colgate Resolutions, Choir, Chamber Singers, WRCU

Fun Fact: I'm in a rock band.

Shelley Liu

FSEM 144 - Shelley Liu ’21

Hometown: Sudbury, MA

Major(s): Applied Mathematics

Campus Involvement: Women’s Rugby, Democracy Matters, Women in Business

Fun Fact: I am obsessed with longboarding.

Avery Brook

FSEM 150 - Avery Brook ’21

Hometown: Darien, CT

Major(s): History / Educational Studies

Campus Involvement: Colgate Resolutions, SGA, Office of Admissions Tour Guide

Fun Fact: I have 3 citizenships!

Vanessa Lizana

FSEM 150 - Vanessa Lizana ’20

Hometown: Dublin, PA

Major(s): Film & Media Studies / English

Campus Involvement: SGA - 2020 Class Council, Women’s Club Volleyball, Student Committee On Providing Entertainment, This Is Not A Play About Sex

Fun Fact: I’ve changed a flat tire in three different states (not only my car).

Theo Asher

FSEM 152 - Theo Asher ’20

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Major(s): Peace and Conflict Studies

Minor(s): Film and Media Studies

Campus Involvement: Colgate Maroon-News Executive Editor, COVE Team Leader: Colgate Buddies, Blue Diamond Society, Ski and Snowboard Club

Fun Fact: When I was in second grade, I was featured on Jay Leno as a child comedian.

Neel Ramakrishnan

FSEM 155 - Neel Ramakrishnan ’20

Hometown: Cleveland, OH

Major(s): Political Science

Minor(s): History

Campus Involvement: Blue Diamond Society, Student Government Association

Fun Fact: I don’t have a middle name!

John Bermudez

FSEM 157 - John Bermudez ’20

Hometown: San Francisco, California

Major(s): Political Science

Minor(s): Sociology

Campus Involvement: Office of Admission Senior Intern and Tour Guide, Student Government Association, This Is Not A Play About Sex

Fun Fact: I ran my first half marathon last semester in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Ian Cummins

FSEM 158 - Ian Cummins ’21

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Major(s): Economics

Minor(s): Religion 

Campus Involvement: Men’s Rugby, Office of Admission Tour guide, Economics Tutor. 

Fun Fact: I'm scared of, yet distantly respect, horses.

Anisha Mittal

FSEM 158 - Anisha Mittal ’21

Hometown: Denville, NJ

Major(s): International Relations / Peace & Conflict Studies

Campus Involvement: Investment Group, DDT (dance group)

Fun Fact: Waffles over pancakes. It’s a texture thing. 

Jared Lampal

FSEM 160 - Jared Lampal ’21

Hometown: Mclean, VA

Major(s): Psychology / Studio Art

Campus Involvement: Admissions Tour guide, The Monthly Rag

Fun Fact: I once delivered pizza to Joe Biden.

Kyle Kadziolka

FSEM 162 - Kyle Kadziolka ’22

Hometown: Burlington, CT

Major(s): Computer Science / Mathematical Economics 

Campus Involvement: Club Hockey, Investment Group, Finance club, Intramural Soccer

Fun Fact: During this summer, I spent a week camping in Montana, doing a lot of fun activities like fishing and mountain biking.

Chelsea Rogers

FSEM 163 - Chelsea Rogers ’20

Hometown: Ocean, NJ 

Major(s): Physics / Studio Art 

Campus Involvement: One Love 

Fun Fact: One time Ashley Tisdale came to my house but I wasn’t home so I didn’t get to meet her.

Helen Misiewicz

FSEM 164 - Helen Misiewicz ’20

Hometown: Millstone Twp. NJ

Major(s): Economics / Spanish

Campus Involvement: Maroon News, Sidekicks

Fun Fact: I've never broken a bone! 

Haley Taylor

FSEM 164 - Haley Taylor ’21

Hometown: Bronx, NY

Major(s): Educational Studies

Minor(s): Psychological Sciences

Campus Involvement: SORT, ALANA Social Justice Peer Educator, Admissions, BSU, Gospel choir

Fun Fact: I used to be able to tell Apple juice brand by taste.

Gracie Morgan

FSEM 165 - Gracie Morgan ’20

Hometown: Hudson, OH

Major(s): Sociology / Film & Media Studies

Campus Involvement: Off Campus Study Peer Advisor, SGA, Theater

Fun Fact: At a SF Giants game, Kenny Lofton gave me money to buy him a burger.

Diana Flores

FSEM 166 - Diana Flores ’20

Hometown: Aspen, CO

Major(s): History / Peace & Conflict Studies

Campus Involvement: Spanish Debate, Ski Club, Hiking Club, OUS 

Fun Fact: I'm an ordained minister.

Jackson Gillum

FSEM 167 - Jackson Gillum ’21

Hometown: Raleigh, NC

Major(s): English

Minor(s): Political Science

Campus Involvement: Link Staff

Fun Fact: This is my second year on Link Staff and am super excited to be back!

Karen Aguilar

FSEM 168 - Karen Aguilar ’20

Hometown: Dallas, TX

Major(s): Psychological Science / Spanish

Campus Involvement: Colgate Cheer Team, Konosioni Senior Honor Society, Spanish Table of Babel, and OUS Scholar

Fun Fact: I performed improv for 10 years! 

Emily Lubin

FSEM 169 - Emily Lubin ’21

Hometown: Evanston, IL

Major(s): Psychology

Campus Involvement: Tutor for the Stockbridge Juniors Club, Judicial Chairwoman for Colgate's Panhellenic Council

Fun Fact: When I was little I once ate so much pineapple in one sitting that I gave myself an allergy. 

Melissa Verbeek

FSEM 169 - Melissa Verbeek ’21

Hometown: Crownsville, MD

Major: Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies / Psychology

Campus Involvement: Ultimate Frisbee and Model Arab League 

Fun Fact: I’m technically still not supposed to go to some areas of Sweden because my ancestor demanded child support from a regional king.

Dzenan Celjo

FSEM 170 - Dzenan Celjo ’20

Hometown: Gorazde, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Major(s): History / International Relations

Campus Involvement: Benton Scholars, SGA, Colgate Crypto

Fun Fact: I grew six inches in a span of four months when I was in sixth grade, propelling my basketball career. Gave up on my NBA aspirations in order to take my talents to the Chenango Valley.

Flora Zhang

FSEM 170 - Flora Zhang ’22

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Major(s): Molecular Biology

Minor(s): Women's Studies 

Campus Involvement: OASIS, Impulse, MAPS, KPOP'D, Research in the Biology Department

Fun Fact: I've played the double bass and bass guitar since I was 11.

Jaritza Núñez

FSEM 171 - Jaritza Núñez ’21

Hometown: Lamont, CA

Major(s): Sociology 

Minor(s): Educational Studies / Women Studies

Campus Involvement: OUS Scholar, ALANA Social Justice Peer Educator, Office of Admission Tour Guide, Hancock Common's Council, Colgate's Unheard, Latin American Student Organization, LAMBDA, SORT, QTPOC

Fun Fact: I LOVE Hot Cheetos.

Karlos Acosta

FSEM 171 - Karlos Acosta ’21

Hometown: New York, NY

Major(s): Psychology

Minor(s): Economics 

Campus Involvement: Colgate Investment Group, Brothers, Latin American Student Organization, Commons Council, IT Staff, and Research Assistant. 

Fun Fact: My mom made me dance at Alvin Ailey to stop me from walking like a penguin. 

Marc Verwiel

FSEM 174 - Marc Verwiel ’21

Hometown: New Hope, PA

Major(s): Physics and Economics

Campus Involvement: Finance Club, Engineering Club

Fun Fact: This summer, I spent time in the same room as antimatter.

Louisa Fowler

FSEM 177 - Louisa Fowler ’20

Hometown: Summit, NJ

Major(s): Religion

Campus Involvement: Outdoor Education, Konosioni, Gamma Phi, Newman Community 

Fun Fact: I make Spotify playlists like it's my JOB!

Matthew Silver

FSEM 183 - Matthew Silver ’22

Hometown: Raleigh, NC

Major(s): Political Science

Minor(s): Anthropology 

Campus Involvement: Former member of Colgate Rowing, Working in the Anthropology Department digitizing archaeological maps and drawings. 

Fun Fact: I make money playing video games. 

Noah Kalman

FSEM 189 - Noah Kalman ’20

Hometown: Longmeadow, MA

Major(s): Sociology

Minor(s): Political Science and Film / Media Studies

Campus Involvement: Konosioni, DLMC Staff, Blue Diamond Society

Fun Fact: I met Guy Fieri on May 31st, 2019, and am still star struck.

Bella DeLeon

FSEM 192 - Bella DeLeon ’21

Hometown: Solvang, CA

Major(s): Philosophy

Minor(s): English

Campus Involvement: SHOCK Dance Group, Gamma Phi Beta, French Club

Fun Fact: I’m a Type One Diabetic.

Abi Goffinet

FSEM 192 - Abi Goffinet ’21

Hometown: Denver, CO

Major(s): Art History / Political Science 

Campus Involvement: Office of Admission Tour Guide, Democracy Matters. 

Fun Fact: This summer, I am interning at the Denver Art Museum!

Portrait of Max Baron '20

FSEM 195 - Max Baron ’20

Hometown: St. Louis, MO

Major(s): Political Science

Minor(s): Peace & Conflict Studies / Religion

Campus Involvement: Blue Diamond Society, College Democrats, Konosioni, Admissions

Fun Fact: The World Chess Hall of Fame is only 15 minutes from my house!

Ellie Kucera

FSEM 197 - Ellie Kucera ’21

Hometown: Jackson, WY

Major(s): Psychological Science

Campus Involvement: Tour guide, SAT Prep Tutoring, Alpine Ski Team

Fun Fact: I graduated with 23 people in my class in high school, 3 of which decided to attend Colgate! (Which just so happens to be 13% of my class).

Nikhil Rajavasireddy

FSEM 197 - Nikhil Rajavasireddy ’21

Hometown: Saratoga, CA 

Major(s): Economics

Minor(s): English 

Campus Involvement: Colgate Investment Group, Tour guide in the Office of Admissions, Economics Tutor, SGA, Student Caller in the Office of Annual Giving

Fun Fact: I jumped off the roof of my house in 5th grade in an attempt to fly like Harry Potter.

Sierra DeAngelo

FSEM 199 - Sierra DeAngelo ’20

Hometown: Syracuse, NY

Major(s): Environmental Biology 

Campus Involvement: DDT, Benton Scholars, Hiking Club, Science Outreach in Greenhouse

Fun Fact: I have 4 older siblings and 9 (soon-to-be 10) nieces and nephews!