They play an integral role in the success of Colgate’s Orientation and Raider Welcome Week programs and are recognized leaders throughout the university community. They are actively involved in assisting new undergraduate students and their families with their transition to the University. Links will increase new student’s familiarity with student life, faculty and academic expectations and opportunities, and our larger Hamilton community. 


Continuing students must be in good academic and disciplinary standing with the University. Students studying abroad in the current spring semester are eligible to apply and students studying abroad in the fall semester are ineligible. Orientation Link staff are selected based on their ability to work well with others, communicate effectively, and commit to a rigorous schedule. Links must display public relations skills and maturity of judgment.

Additionally, Links need to have patience, flexibility, strong organizational skills, and be willing and ready to learn.

Selection Process Schedule

Applications due: Sunday, February 2 at 11:59PM
Group interviews: Tuesday, February 11 and Wednesday, February 12
Individual interviews: Monday, February 24 – Friday, March 6
Selection: Friday, March 13

  • Spring: Wednesdays 7-9pm, March 25, April 1, April 7 & Friday, March 27 4-6pm
  • Fall: Friday, August 14 – Saturday, August 22

Orientation and Welcome Weeks: Sunday, August 23 – Sunday, September 13

Position Description and Application

The Link position description in meant to provide more information for students interested in the Link position. Please read the full description before beginning your application. Returning staff members must re-apply for the Link position.

Read the full position description

Meet The Link Staff

Links Working with Transfer Students

Grant Morro

Grant Morro ’20

Hometown: Darien, CT

Major(s): Political Science / Music

Campus Involvement: Club Lacrosse, Colgate University Orchestra, Newman Community

Fun Fact: I make the best eggnog at Christmas time. It's unreal.

Katie Roell

Katharine Roell ’21

Hometown: Manchester, NH

Major(s): English / French 

Campus Involvement: Panhellenic Council, Monthly Rag

Fun Fact: In high school, my robotics team qualified for and competed in the World Championships 

Emily Yin

Emily Yin ’21

Hometown: Poolesville, MD

Major(s): Biochemistry 

Minor(s): Spanish 

Campus Involvement: Rugby, Doctor Shadowing

Fun Fact: I broke my nose attempting to do a standing back flip in the 7th grade.

Charlie Zane

Charles Zane ’21

Hometown: Guilford, CT

Major(s): Economics

Minor(s): Middle East and Islamic Studies

Campus Involvement: Colgate Investment Group

Fun Fact: I say most words backwards 

Links Working With First-Year Students

Hannah Adkins

FSEM 100 - Hannah Adkins ’20

Hometown: Atlanta, GA

Major(s): Peace and Conflict Studies

Campus Involvement: Konosioni, SGA, Sidekicks

Fun Fact: I once went on tour with the Blue Man Group.

Annalise Simons

FSEM 100 - Annalise Simons ’21

Hometown: Atlanta, GA

Major(s): International Relations 

Minor(s): French 

Campus Involvement: Curling, Student Athletic Trainer, Shock Dance Group

Fun Fact: In the 8th grade T-Pain asked me to take a photo of his family.

Paul Jung

FSEM 101 - Paul Jung ’20

Hometown: Fort Lee, NJ

Major(s): Film and Media Studies / Economics

Campus Involvement: Charred Goosebeak Improv Comedy, ETC Sketch Comedy, WRCU Radio Host, Brothers

Fun Fact:  I've never been stung by a bee, and I intend to KEEP IT THAT WAY #savethebees #savetheclocktower

Natalia Valente

FSEM 101 - Natalia Valente ’21

Hometown: Newport Beach, CA

Major(s): International Relations / French

Campus Involvement: 2021 VP, BRITE Club, Pre-Law Society, Equestrian Team

Fun Fact: I sleep talk in French

Ayah Elarabi

FSEM 102 - Ayah Elarabi ’20

Hometown: Hamden, CT

Major(s): International Relations/Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies

Campus Involvement: Student Government Association, Konosioni Senior Honor Society, Sexual Assault Prevention and Support

Fun Fact: When I wave my right arm around it looks like the inflatable tube man outside of car washes.

Zack Shanus

FSEM 103 - Zachary Shanus ’20

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Major(s): History 

Minor(s): Peace and Conflict Studies 

Campus Involvement: Blue Diamond Society, Madison Mentoring, Tour Guide, Colgate Angler Society

Fun Fact: I once sang "Boyfriend" by Justin Bieber at a middle school talent show

Ahmaud Gabriele

FSEM 105 - Ahmaud Gabriele ’22

Hometown: Atlanta, GA

Major(s): Psychology 

Minor(s): Political Science

Campus Involvement: MMA, Pep Band, Symphonic Band, Ballroom Dance, Latin American Dance, Midnight Philosophy

Fun Fact: My mom is from Guyana!

Kelsey McGeough

FSEM 105 - Kelsey McGeough ’21

Hometown: Weston, MA

Major(s): English

Minor(s): Spanish 

Campus Involvement: Admissions Tour Guide, Maroon News, Madison-Mentors, Women's Club Soccer 

Fun Fact: In eighth grade I played Jafar in Aladdin

Abby Blair

FSEM 106 - Abigail Blair ’21

Hometown: San Francisco, CA 

Major(s): Astrophysics

Campus Involvement: Colgate Maroon News and Impulse

Fun Fact: I love to run! I participate in road races and marathons in the summer months.

Caraline McDonnell

FSEM 106 - Caraline McDonnell ’21

Hometown: Carmel, NY

Major(s): Psychology

Minor(s): Creative Writing / Sociology 

Campus Involvement: Dischords a Cappella, Utica Refugee Tutor, Sidekicks, Irish Step Dance, Psychology Research, Student Intern at the Office of Alumni Relations, Colgate Book Society 

Fun Fact: I once tried to break the record for longest time standing on stilts, but my mom made me get down for dinner. 

Anthony Wright

FSEM 107 - Anthony Wright ’20

Hometown: New York, NY

Major(s): Educational Studies 

Campus Involvement: Konosioni Honor Society, Melanated, Black Student Union, Brothers, ALANA Ambassador, SORT, Latin American Dance, OUS Scholar 

Fun Fact: I met Elmo when I was younger.

Wayne Sampson

FSEM 108 - Wayne Sampson ’21

Hometown: Queens, NY

Major(s): Environmental Studies

Campus Involvement: Colgate Thirteen

Fun Fact: I secretly love country music.

Olivia Tyndall

FSEM 108 - Olivia Tyndall ’20

Hometown: Boxborough, MA

Major(s): Peace and Conflict Studies

Minor(s): French / Political Science

Campus Involvement: Colgate Pre-Law Society and SAT tutoring

Fun Fact: I spent last semester in Switzerland.

Dustin Goldberg

FSEM 110 - Dustin Goldberg ’20

Hometown: Port Monmouth, NJ

Major(s): Political Science

Minor(s): Philosophy

Campus Involvement: Philanthropy chair, house manager

Fun Fact: I can wiggle one ear.

Skye Nieves

FSEM 110 - Skye Nieves ’20

Hometown: Buffalo, NY

Major(s): Native American Studies

Campus Involvement: WRCU DJ, DDT, Groove Dance Troupe, Native American Student Allies, Women's Ultimate Frisbee

Fun Fact: I wear a different Christmas sweater everyday after Thanksgiving.

Willa King

FSEM 114 - Willa King ’22

Hometown: New York, NY

Major(s): Undeclared 

Campus Involvement: Hamilton Fire Department, Office of Sustainability, Club Field Hockey and Club Ice Hockey. 

Fun Fact: I live on Waverly Place in NYC. 

Jess Hay

FSEM 115 - Jessica Hay ’20

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Major(s): Educational Studies 

Minor(s): Writing & Rhetoric / Film & Media Studies 

Campus Involvement: Varsity Softball, WRCU, Athletic Communications, Student Athlete SAPAS

Fun Fact: The only time I use a spoon is when I am eating cereal. 

Estelle Kelty

FSEM 115 - Estelle Kelty ’21

Hometown: Bronxville, NY 

Major(s): Biology

Minor(s): Sociology 

Campus Involvement: Sock Dance Group, Student Ambassador to Haven, Student Tutor for the CLTR. 

Fun Fact: I will only watch Netflix with closed captions or subtitles!

Brittney Chin

FSEM 119 - Brittney Chin ’21

Hometown: Long Island, NY

Major(s): Computer Science

Minor(s): Educational Studies

Campus Involvement: <Colgate Coders>, University Chorus and Chamber Singers, Admissions Tour Guide, Career Services Intern

Fun Fact: I once saw the same Broadway show 3 times in the span of a month and a half.

Kevin Grijalva

FSEM 119 - Kevin Grijalva ’20

Hometown: Imperial, CA

Major(s): History / Sociology 

Campus Involvement: OUS Scholar, University Student Conduct Board,  Latin American Student Organization, Administrative Advising Student Assistant, CLSI Front Desk Manager

Fun Fact: There are two sets of twins in my family, and we are only ten months apart.

Amarachi Iheanyichukwu

FSEM 122 - Amarachi Iheanyichukwu ’21

Hometown: New York City, NY

Major(s): Political Science / English

Campus Involvement: Student Government Association, Yearbook Committee, The Colgate Magazine, Multicultural Recruitment Committee, African Student Union

Fun Fact: I never graduated from elementary school

Alexis Torres

FSEM 122 - Alexis Torres ’20

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Major(s): Women's Studies

Campus Involvement: Latin American Student Organization, Konosioni Senior Honor Society, Latin American Dance.

Fun Fact: I have lived my entire life less than a street block away from an airport.

David Little

FSEM 124 - David Little ’20

Hometown: East Dennis, MA

Major(s): Psychology / Economics

Campus Involvement: Southern Madison County Volunteer Ambulance Corps, Konosioni Senior Honor Society, Colgate Activities Board, Hamilton Area Community Coalition

Fun Fact: I used an Uber for the first time in my life this summer!

Valerie Deleon

FSEM 125 - Valerie Deleon ’22

Hometown: Fairport, NY

Major(s): Molecular Biology

Campus Involvement: Club Squash

Fun Fact: My summer job is being a salesperson at a bean bag store!! (Check us out online @Yogibo and I could hook us up with some).

Yimei Lin

FSEM 127 - Yimei Lin ’20

Hometown: Manlius, NY

Major(s): Music / Biology

Campus Involvement: Colgate University Orchestra, Chamber Players, Chemistry tutor, Pre-Vet Club, University Church 

Fun Fact: I’ve delivered puppies before.

Kristen Miquel

FSEM 127 - Kristen Miquel ’22

Hometown: Newton, MA

Major(s): International Relations

Minor(s): Economics

Campus Involvement: Member of the Swim and Dive Team, President's Club

Fun Fact: I have triple citizenship- to the United States, France, and Germany!

Charley Saltzgaber

FSEM 129 - Charlotte Saltzgaber ’20

Hometown: Weston, CT

Major(s): Computer Science

Minor(s): Psychology

Campus Involvement: Outdoor Education, Shock Dance Group, Women in Computer Science, WRCU Radio

Fun Fact: I was the Raider mascot for one soccer game my first year at Colgate!  

Johanna Burke

FSEM 130 - Johanna Burke ’21

Hometown: Hamburg, NY

Major(s): Political Science / Environmental Studies

Campus Involvement: Baking Club, University Chorus, Newman Community, Shock Dance Group

Fun Fact: I'm very distantly related to Bill Nye the Science Guy.

Chris Pang

FSEM 130 - Chris Pang ’20

Hometown: Hong Kong

Major(s): Molecular Biology 

Minor(s): Pre-Dental

Campus Involvement: Theta Chi, SAPAS, HKSA, DJ, MAPS

Fun Fact: I'm trilingual and play a variety of instruments. 

Nick Quinn

FSEM 135 - Nicholas Quinn ’20

Hometown: Macungie, PA

Major(s): Geography

Minor(s): Women’s Studies 

Campus Involvement: Konosioni Senior Honor Society, Colgate Resolutions, COVE, Tutor  

Fun Fact: I went to the same orthodontist as Amanda Seyfried!

Dewey Wilbanks

FSEM 137 - Dewey Wilbanks ’21

Hometown: Birmingham, AL

Major(s): Chemistry / Religion

Campus Involvement: Student Government Association

Fun Fact: I have 21 first cousins.

Sarah Contento

FSEM 143 - Sarah Contento ’22

Hometown: Camden, ME

Major(s): Undeclared 

Campus Involvement: Hamilton Outdoor Group, Students for Environmental Action, Admissions Hometown Ambassador, Team Boston, Club Soccer, Club Ice Hockey, Club Lacrosse, Intramural Soccer.

Fun Fact: My favorite foods are steak and corn.

Paul Nugent

FSEM 143 - Paul Nugent ’21

Hometown: Highland Mills, NY

Major(s): Geology / Music

Campus Involvement: Colgate Resolutions, Choir, Chamber Singers, WRCU

Fun Fact: I'm in a rock band.

Shelley Liu

FSEM 144 - Shelley Liu ’21

Hometown: Sudbury, MA

Major(s): Applied Mathematics

Campus Involvement: Women’s Rugby, Democracy Matters, Women in Business

Fun Fact: I am obsessed with longboarding.

Avery Brook

FSEM 150 - Avery Brook ’21

Hometown: Darien, CT

Major(s): History / Educational Studies

Campus Involvement: Colgate Resolutions, SGA, Office of Admissions Tour Guide

Fun Fact: I have 3 citizenships!

Vanessa Lizana

FSEM 150 - Vanessa Lizana ’20

Hometown: Dublin, PA

Major(s): Film & Media Studies / English

Campus Involvement: SGA - 2020 Class Council, Women’s Club Volleyball, Student Committee On Providing Entertainment, This Is Not A Play About Sex

Fun Fact: I’ve changed a flat tire in three different states (not only my car).

Theo Asher

FSEM 152 - Theo Asher ’20

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Major(s): Peace and Conflict Studies

Minor(s): Film and Media Studies

Campus Involvement: Colgate Maroon-News Executive Editor, COVE Team Leader: Colgate Buddies, Blue Diamond Society, Ski and Snowboard Club

Fun Fact: When I was in second grade, I was featured on Jay Leno as a child comedian.

Neel Ramakrishnan

FSEM 155 - Neel Ramakrishnan ’20

Hometown: Cleveland, OH

Major(s): Political Science

Minor(s): History

Campus Involvement: Blue Diamond Society, Student Government Association

Fun Fact: I don’t have a middle name!

John Bermudez

FSEM 157 - John Bermudez ’20

Hometown: San Francisco, California

Major(s): Political Science

Minor(s): Sociology

Campus Involvement: Office of Admission Senior Intern and Tour Guide, Student Government Association, This Is Not A Play About Sex

Fun Fact: I ran my first half marathon last semester in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Ian Cummins

FSEM 158 - Ian Cummins ’21

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Major(s): Economics

Minor(s): Religion 

Campus Involvement: Men’s Rugby, Office of Admission Tour guide, Economics Tutor. 

Fun Fact: I'm scared of, yet distantly respect, horses.

Anisha Mittal

FSEM 158 - Anisha Mittal ’21

Hometown: Denville, NJ

Major(s): International Relations / Peace & Conflict Studies

Campus Involvement: Investment Group, DDT (dance group)

Fun Fact: Waffles over pancakes. It’s a texture thing. 

Jared Lampal

FSEM 160 - Jared Lampal ’21

Hometown: Mclean, VA

Major(s): Psychology / Studio Art

Campus Involvement: Admissions Tour guide, The Monthly Rag

Fun Fact: I once delivered pizza to Joe Biden.

Kyle Kadziolka

FSEM 162 - Kyle Kadziolka ’22

Hometown: Burlington, CT

Major(s): Computer Science / Mathematical Economics 

Campus Involvement: Club Hockey, Investment Group, Finance club, Intramural Soccer

Fun Fact: During this summer, I spent a week camping in Montana, doing a lot of fun activities like fishing and mountain biking.

Chelsea Rogers

FSEM 163 - Chelsea Rogers ’20

Hometown: Ocean, NJ 

Major(s): Physics / Studio Art 

Campus Involvement: One Love 

Fun Fact: One time Ashley Tisdale came to my house but I wasn’t home so I didn’t get to meet her.

Helen Misiewicz

FSEM 164 - Helen Misiewicz ’20

Hometown: Millstone Twp. NJ

Major(s): Economics / Spanish

Campus Involvement: Maroon News, Sidekicks

Fun Fact: I've never broken a bone! 

Haley Taylor

FSEM 164 - Haley Taylor ’21

Hometown: Bronx, NY

Major(s): Educational Studies

Minor(s): Psychological Sciences

Campus Involvement: SORT, ALANA Social Justice Peer Educator, Admissions, BSU, Gospel choir

Fun Fact: I used to be able to tell Apple juice brand by taste.

Gracie Morgan

FSEM 165 - Gracie Morgan ’20

Hometown: Hudson, OH

Major(s): Sociology / Film & Media Studies

Campus Involvement: Off Campus Study Peer Advisor, SGA, Theater

Fun Fact: At a SF Giants game, Kenny Lofton gave me money to buy him a burger.

Diana Flores

FSEM 166 - Diana Flores ’20

Hometown: Aspen, CO

Major(s): History / Peace & Conflict Studies

Campus Involvement: Spanish Debate, Ski Club, Hiking Club, OUS 

Fun Fact: I'm an ordained minister.

Jackson Gillum

FSEM 167 - Jackson Gillum ’21

Hometown: Raleigh, NC

Major(s): English

Minor(s): Political Science

Campus Involvement: Link Staff

Fun Fact: This is my second year on Link Staff and am super excited to be back!

Karen Aguilar

FSEM 168 - Karen Aguilar ’20

Hometown: Dallas, TX

Major(s): Psychological Science / Spanish

Campus Involvement: Colgate Cheer Team, Konosioni Senior Honor Society, Spanish Table of Babel, and OUS Scholar

Fun Fact: I performed improv for 10 years! 

Emily Lubin

FSEM 169 - Emily Lubin ’21

Hometown: Evanston, IL

Major(s): Psychology

Campus Involvement: Tutor for the Stockbridge Juniors Club, Judicial Chairwoman for Colgate's Panhellenic Council

Fun Fact: When I was little I once ate so much pineapple in one sitting that I gave myself an allergy. 

Melissa Verbeek

FSEM 169 - Melissa Verbeek ’21

Hometown: Crownsville, MD

Major: Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies / Psychology

Campus Involvement: Ultimate Frisbee and Model Arab League 

Fun Fact: I’m technically still not supposed to go to some areas of Sweden because my ancestor demanded child support from a regional king.

Dzenan Celjo

FSEM 170 - Dzenan Celjo ’20

Hometown: Gorazde, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Major(s): History / International Relations

Campus Involvement: Benton Scholars, SGA, Colgate Crypto

Fun Fact: I grew six inches in a span of four months when I was in sixth grade, propelling my basketball career. Gave up on my NBA aspirations in order to take my talents to the Chenango Valley.

Flora Zhang

FSEM 170 - Flora Zhang ’22

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Major(s): Molecular Biology

Minor(s): Women's Studies 

Campus Involvement: OASIS, Impulse, MAPS, KPOP'D, Research in the Biology Department

Fun Fact: I've played the double bass and bass guitar since I was 11.

Jaritza Núñez

FSEM 171 - Jaritza Núñez ’21

Hometown: Lamont, CA

Major(s): Sociology 

Minor(s): Educational Studies / Women Studies

Campus Involvement: OUS Scholar, ALANA Social Justice Peer Educator, Office of Admission Tour Guide, Hancock Common's Council, Colgate's Unheard, Latin American Student Organization, LAMBDA, SORT, QTPOC

Fun Fact: I LOVE Hot Cheetos.

Karlos Acosta

FSEM 171 - Karlos Acosta ’21

Hometown: New York, NY

Major(s): Psychology

Minor(s): Economics 

Campus Involvement: Colgate Investment Group, Brothers, Latin American Student Organization, Commons Council, IT Staff, and Research Assistant. 

Fun Fact: My mom made me dance at Alvin Ailey to stop me from walking like a penguin. 

Marc Verwiel

FSEM 174 - Marc Verwiel ’21

Hometown: New Hope, PA

Major(s): Physics and Economics

Campus Involvement: Finance Club, Engineering Club

Fun Fact: This summer, I spent time in the same room as antimatter.

Louisa Fowler

FSEM 177 - Louisa Fowler ’20

Hometown: Summit, NJ

Major(s): Religion

Campus Involvement: Outdoor Education, Konosioni, Gamma Phi, Newman Community 

Fun Fact: I make Spotify playlists like it's my JOB!

Matthew Silver

FSEM 183 - Matthew Silver ’22

Hometown: Raleigh, NC

Major(s): Political Science

Minor(s): Anthropology 

Campus Involvement: Former member of Colgate Rowing, Working in the Anthropology Department digitizing archaeological maps and drawings. 

Fun Fact: I make money playing video games. 

Noah Kalman

FSEM 189 - Noah Kalman ’20

Hometown: Longmeadow, MA

Major(s): Sociology

Minor(s): Political Science and Film / Media Studies

Campus Involvement: Konosioni, DLMC Staff, Blue Diamond Society

Fun Fact: I met Guy Fieri on May 31st, 2019, and am still star struck.

Bella DeLeon

FSEM 192 - Bella DeLeon ’21

Hometown: Solvang, CA

Major(s): Philosophy

Minor(s): English

Campus Involvement: SHOCK Dance Group, Gamma Phi Beta, French Club

Fun Fact: I’m a Type One Diabetic.

Abi Goffinet

FSEM 192 - Abi Goffinet ’21

Hometown: Denver, CO

Major(s): Art History / Political Science 

Campus Involvement: Office of Admission Tour Guide, Democracy Matters. 

Fun Fact: This summer, I am interning at the Denver Art Museum!

Portrait of Max Baron '20

FSEM 195 - Max Baron ’20

Hometown: St. Louis, MO

Major(s): Political Science

Minor(s): Peace & Conflict Studies / Religion

Campus Involvement: Blue Diamond Society, College Democrats, Konosioni, Admissions

Fun Fact: The World Chess Hall of Fame is only 15 minutes from my house!

Ellie Kucera

FSEM 197 - Ellie Kucera ’21

Hometown: Jackson, WY

Major(s): Psychological Science

Campus Involvement: Tour guide, SAT Prep Tutoring, Alpine Ski Team

Fun Fact: I graduated with 23 people in my class in high school, 3 of which decided to attend Colgate! (Which just so happens to be 13% of my class).

Nikhil Rajavasireddy

FSEM 197 - Nikhil Rajavasireddy ’21

Hometown: Saratoga, CA 

Major(s): Economics

Minor(s): English 

Campus Involvement: Colgate Investment Group, Tour guide in the Office of Admissions, Economics Tutor, SGA, Student Caller in the Office of Annual Giving

Fun Fact: I jumped off the roof of my house in 5th grade in an attempt to fly like Harry Potter.

Sierra DeAngelo

FSEM 199 - Sierra DeAngelo ’20

Hometown: Syracuse, NY

Major(s): Environmental Biology 

Campus Involvement: DDT, Benton Scholars, Hiking Club, Science Outreach in Greenhouse

Fun Fact: I have 4 older siblings and 9 (soon-to-be 10) nieces and nephews!