One Colgate

A special tribute to Colgate students, families, faculty, and staff during the COVID-19 pandemic

On April 24, we launched an effort to collect photographs of Colgate students in their remote locations so that we could create a special video tribute to students, families, faculty, and staff. The response exceeded our expectations, and the many images that were submitted convey the Colgate community’s remarkable spirit. Thank you for all your help.

Years from now, those who see this video in the Colgate archives will know of the tenacity and resilience of our community during the COVID-19 pandemic. Today, it serves as a touching reminder that we are always one Colgate, whether we are together on the hill or spread across the world. 

Common Questions Received from Parents

Yes. Friday, April 24, was meant to be Colgate’s third annual Parent Giving Day. Last year, this effort raised more than $600,000 from 313 parents, in support of Colgate students and programs. However, given the extraordinary circumstances, Colgate did not host the traditional Parent Giving Day this year. Instead of coming together to support Colgate financially, we came together to create a special multimedia tribute to the tenacity of our community.

Certainly! Colgate and its students need your support now more than ever. Gifts to the Colgate Fund provide essential resources that will allow the University to rise to the unexpected challenges of this pandemic and to provide additional financial aid to students whose families are struggling due to the economic downturn. 

Another area of critical need is summer internship funding. Many students have found themselves in challenging financial situations that make it difficult to pursue important opportunities for personal and professional growth. Currently, more than 60 students are on a waitlist for support.

You can make your gift online or by calling 1-800-668-4428.

This page has the latest news and updates on COVID-19 developments. You can also follow the University on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, as well as join the Colgate University Parents Facebook group.