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Joining Organizations

Student involvement in organizations is an important aspect of the campus experience. At Colgate, you have the opportunity to join a wide range of groups, including athletic teams, fraternities and sororities, performing arts ensembles, religious groups, public service organizations, and others.
Avicii performs for students in the Sanford Field House as part of Spring Party Weekend.
Membership and participation in these groups can lead to lasting friendships, rewarding leadership opportunities, and greater sense of community. Entry into some of these groups may involve formal or informal initiation rites, but none should require abuse as a rite to membership.

This site is designed to help you think about your organizational experience, and have the resources to address your concerns.

Initiation Practices and Hazing

Although initiation practices can help new members become part of a group, they should not involve hazing. Hazing takes various forms, but typically involves endangering the physical health of an individual or causing mental and/or emotional distress through humiliation, intimidation, or demeaning treatment. Sometimes hazing involves pressure to drink alcohol. Being hazed is serious and can have a significant effect on one's physical and emotional health. If you or someone you know is being hazed, don’t be afraid to use Colgate’s resources for assistance and/or submit a report.


It’s Important to Understand the Risks

If you plan on joining a group on campus, it's a good idea to be informed and understand the risk of being hazed. Since hazing thrives on secrecy and deception, take appropriate action if you are exposed to any instances of attempted hazing. No one should be subjected to hazing as a condition for acceptance into a group.

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