Colgate is planning for a gradual return to on-campus work beginning after June 27 in compliance with the New York State phased reopening plan. Throughout the coming months, employees may still need or be required to work from home, as appropriate. 

Essential Documents

Working From Home Agreement

Some employees may not be able to return to campus on their return date. Supervisors, department chairs, and program directors will work with individuals who need to continue to work remotely. The Office of Human Resources and the Emergency Operations Center have created an agreement that covers protocols related to continued work from remote locations. Supervisors and employees will collaborate to complete and submit this agreement. Guidelines for remote work and work-related accommodations in the academic division will be sent directly to faculty members from the Office of the Provost and Dean of the Faculty.

Work From Home Policy & Agreement

In all cases, employees who work from home must follow the Remote Working Technology Guide for Employees. All materials must be stored in a safe and secure location, and all work must be performed in a secure manner as outlined in the guidelines.

Colgate Equipment in your Home Office Survey

All employees working remotely must fill out the following survey, allowing Colgate to keep track of which Colgate-owned equipment employees have borrowed for use at home.

Colgate Equipment in your Home Office Survey

Essential Positions

Certain University positions may be deemed essential — a designation that can change over time — requiring the employee to be physically present on campus for business continuity purposes or to provide essential services. Employees will be notified if they are to work from home or if their presence is required on campus.


Accommodating Personal Circumstances

Any arrangements that involve personal medical or family care should be determined in collaboration with the supervisor and human resources. Some examples of working at home arrangements are:

  • Mandated by executive order or University leadership
  • A sick family member that requires care 
  • Self isolation and/or ordered quarantine
  • Dependent care/school closure
  • Personal high-risk situations (age, medical issues, etc.)

Guidance for Successful Remote Work

Guidelines for Supervisors

Supervisors must determine, in consultation with their Vice President, who may be permitted to continue to work remotely. This will vary by department and may change over time based on the needs of the University and its operations. Human Resources staff are available to discuss special circumstances that may be raised by your employees.

In your role as supervisor: 

  • Ensure that all employees working remotely sign a Working From Home Agreement. Be clear with employees about remote work expectations and priorities.
  • Collaborate with your employee to determine a daily/weekly work plan of tasks and projects.
  • Ensure you have updated contact information for your team members. (Team members can have their work extension show up on their computer and use VOIP to take and receive calls from their direct extension from campus. ITS can help with this installation if needed.)      
  • Be flexible and trust employees to get their work done.
  • Check-in with your employees at least once per day.
  • Encourage teams to stay connected with regular check-ins to coordinate workloads. Make sure employees have what they need to be successful (see Colgate Tech Readiness for Remote Work). 
  • Be sure employees understand the appropriate treatment and storage of confidential and sensitive information, as well as equipment, while working from home.  
  • Remind employees to maintain a healthy work-life balance. You may find it helpful to have a staff member check in and check out with you at the beginning and end of each day to provide accountability and structure for yourself and the employee.

Guidelines for Employees

Working from home can be an opportunity to focus and get a lot accomplished without the distractions of the office, but it also comes with new responsibilities and challenges.

  • Get clear expectations and priorities for your work from your supervisor. 
  • Collaborate with your supervisor to determine a work plan of tasks and projects.    
  • Make sure you have access to the files, applications, and contact information that you will need.
  • Notify Mail Services if your department will be closed.  
  • Build flexibility into your schedule.
  • Check-in with your supervisor at least once per day.
  • Stay connected with your coworkers and coordinate workloads.
  • Make sure you have what you need to be successful working remotely (see Colgate Tech Readiness for Remote Work).
  • Follow the appropriate steps for the treatment and storage of confidential and sensitive information and University equipment while working from home.
  • Set expectations with family and friends. 
  • Be sure to focus on maintaining a healthy work-life balance.