The health and well-being of our faculty, staff, students, and the local community are our top priorities. We appreciate the collective efforts by the staff and faculty to support the University’s mission.

Colgate’s plan for a gradual return to on-campus work will begin after June 27 in compliance with the New York State phased reopening plan.

There will be cases in which departments return portions of their workforce to campus or rotate personnel to reduce density. Supervisors, department chairs, and program directors will provide employees with specific dates and instructions, and when possible, notifying individuals at least two weeks in advance of a specific department’s return to on-campus work.

See the departmental return to work checklist

In keeping with state regulations and guidance from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the University will implement a series of initiatives to help safeguard the health and well-being of everyone on campus. These measures are only as strong as our collective commitment to community public health, and we thank everyone in advance for adhering to the measures to ensure their effectiveness.

Requirements for Returning Employees

The following are requirements for all employees returning to work on campus.

Before returning to campus, all faculty and staff members must complete the online training program developed by the Emergency Operations Center (EOC). Employees already working on campus should proceed as soon as possible with this health education training. Completion of health education training will be monitored through the Office of Human Resources.

To complete the training:

  • Launch Google Classroom
  • If necessary, log in with your Colgate Google account
  • Click the + icon to add a class, then enter the course code tarvyu2 or j44dxle
  • Review each of the slide collections and available resources.
  • After reviewing the course content, complete the course confirmation form, available within Google Classroom.

This health education training must be completed prior to each employee's return to on-campus work.


Please direct questions raised after reviewing the course material to Your email will be forwarded to staff members who are best suited to answer your question(s).

All employees will be required to wear a face covering in environments where physical distancing of at least 6 feet is not possible.

Acquiring Masks

The University will distribute two face coverings to each employee for this purpose, per CDC and OSHA guidance. Face coverings will be available at the Campus Safety Department when you arrive on campus. Please be mindful of the need for 6 feet of social distancing if there is a line. Employees may also wear their own face coverings, provided they comply with CDC guidance.

Moving forward, it is important for the University to record faculty and staff members’ dates of on-campus work accurately and consistently so that it can make appropriate plans for building cleaning and maintenance, health education, contact tracing, and other factors that help to promote the health and safety of all community members. Each month, employees will be asked to fill out this simple form that notes the days on which they will work on campus.

Submit on-campus work schedule

Each and every day working on campus, either prior to or immediately upon arrival to campus, employees are asked to fill out a brief, confidential health survey. This survey checks for symptoms of or exposure to COVID-19. There are three methods for employees to perform a daily temperature check: at home, upon reporting to work in targeted departments, or at established screening stations across campus. Aggregated information from this form will be accessed by a newly formed Health Analytics Team, which will continuously evaluate numerous data points related to Colgate’s return to on-campus operations to ensure that public health measures in place are effectively containing any spread of COVID-19.

Submit the daily health screening

Required for all employees working on the Colgate campus.


The Health Analytics Team includes staff members from the human resources department, Student Health Services, facilities management, ITS, EHS, athletics, the dean of the faculty division, and the dean of the college division.

Supervisors, department chairs, and program directors will not see answers to their employees' specific questions, but they will be able to see whether or not the form has been completed. Only HR staff and University health professionals will have permission to see all survey answers.

Working From Home Policy

Throughout the coming months, employees may still need or be required to work from home, as appropriate.

Review the Working From Home Policy

Managing Expectations for Ongoing Operations 

The campus community must continue to practice fiscal prudence. In order to protect the University’s economic well being, the following policies have been enacted.

General Operations

The Division of Finance and Administration has laid out interim policies and practices for the University to maximize financial prudence:

General operations policies 

Event and Meeting Guidelines

Keeping in mind the University's overall goal to safeguard the health and safety of our faculty, staff, students, and the local community, these continued precautions related to events, meetings, and all other in-person gatherings must be followed:

Event and meeting guidelines

Faculty Support for Research and Teaching

Review the policies and information regarding faculty grants and funding and conference attendance.

Support for research and teaching guidelines

Health, Safety, and Cleanliness

Learn more about the practices and resources established to ensure, healthy and clean on-campus working environments.

Health Preparedness & Analytics | Cleaning & Sanitization | Testing & Tracing

Employee Quarantine and Isolation

At times, quarantine or isolation may be required for employees by a physician or public health official based on illness, positive testing, or close contact with infected individuals.

Employee quarantine and isolation