Mandatory universal arrival quarantine will take place in students’ assigned Fall 2020 housing. 

This includes:

  • Students living on campus
  • Seniors living in privately owned off-campus housing 

Students are expected to remain in their defined family unit areas at all times during this arrival quarantine (even during scheduled, supervised outdoor time).

Family Units

Within their residences, students will be grouped in two-layered “family units”:

  • Direct Family Unit: Person(s) a student shares a bedroom or suite with will be considered part of a Direct Family Unit. Wearing a face covering is not required within a Direct Family Unit, although roommates should come to an agreement about this. No one should wear a face covering while sleeping.

  • Extended Family Unit: Persons a student shares a bathroom and/or kitchen with are part of one’s Extended Family Unit. For traditional residence halls, this would be those who live on one floor. In a townhouse/Broad Street house/apartment, this would be the entire house/apartment. Face covering and at least 6 feet between individuals is required within an Extended Family Unit.

Requests to have beds bunked or adjusted will be fulfilled by facilities management upon completion of the universal quarantine period. Students should not attempt to adjust beds on their own. Bed adjustment requests can be submitted via After the universal quarantine, facilities will complete requests per building with a schedule to be distributed to students by Residential Life.

Custodial service will be enhanced but residents are expected to wipe down touched spaces before and after use. Students will be provided gloves and cleaning supplies. Concise and easy to read signage regarding cleaning protocols will be placed in all bathrooms. 

For reasons of health and safety, visitors will be strictly prohibited during universal quarantine; there are no exceptions. Additionally, students cannot visit others outside of their extended family unit during the universal quarantine period. 

  • Personal hygiene essentials to cover the quarantine period
  • Favorite snacks and beverages
  • Enough prescriptions to cover the quarantine period
  • Pod style coffee maker
  • Mini-refrigerator
  • Outdoor blanket
  • Microwave
  • Headphones with noise cancelling/reduction and a microphone for online meetings, video watching, etc.
  • Fan
  • Small personal fitness items (jump rope, stretch band, yoga mat)
  • Additional acceptable personal face coverings
  • Laundry products

Laundry facilities are located and available for use within each residential facility. The process below has been created and will be followed to address students’ needs in a manner that protects students’ health and community public health. 

  • CLs will work with the residents in their respective areas/floor to determine a schedule to utilize the designated laundry facility for their area.
  • Directional foot traffic patterns to access laundry rooms will be guided by signage within the stairways and hallways, directing one way foot traffic for risk management purposes. Students will need to maintain 6 feet of distance between one another at all times. Students are not permitted to gather in or outside of laundry rooms at any time.
  • Usage process - Students access laundry machines through their Gate Cards. Laundry products are the responsibility of each student.


Students are required to take trash to receptacles located outside of each student housing facility. In traditional residence halls, CLs will have a schedule by living area for students to remove their trash on a daily basis. Townhouses, apartments, and Broad Street neighborhoods have trash receptacle areas designated outside of their buildings. Students should wear face coverings, maintain physical distancing, and thoroughly wash their hands after discarding trash. Facilities will provide trash/recycling pick-up daily, including weekends. 


Students are required to take recycling to areas that are designated for each student housing facility. This will be managed with the same schedule developed for trash removal. Students should wear face coverings, maintain physical distancing, and thoroughly wash their hands after discarding recycling. Facilities will provide trash/recycling pick-up daily, including weekends.

In order to deep-clean each residence hall between semesters, students will need to vacate residences by Saturday, November 21. Students may leave their belongings in their residence as they normally would between semesters. Class will continue in a remote format for the duration of the semester.