A Big Question

A big question we want to take up in various forms throughout the week: In times of crisis, where is the writer? We’re interested in how writers in various genres respond to real-world crises. What’s the difference between art and journalism? Art and activism? Or is there any difference at all? How have the crises of the last few years (the pandemic, school shootings, police killings of Black people, January 6) affected our writing?

Opening Celebration

On a lighter note, we’ll open this year’s conference with a festive cocktail party in a tent on the Merrill House lawn.

Faculty & Participant Directory

We’re adding a completely optional directory of faculty and participants, for those who want to stay in touch after June 25.

COVID-19 Updates

We’ve made a number of changes in response to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. These include private rooms with en suite bathrooms, free shuttle service and easy on-campus parking for those who wish to drive, access to green bikes, outdoor dining, and grab-n-go meal options.

Proof of vaccination will be required of everyone—no exceptions.