Monday, June 21, 2021

Wow, what an exhilarating three days that was! Thank you to absolutely everyone—participants, publishing experts, and faculty—who turned out for the bite-size readings, master classes, and publishing panel.

Making everything run smoothly took a lot of behind-the-scenes effort. I want to thank the volunteer facilitators for their work: Corianne Deatly, Alison Fromme, Claire Prall, Jeremy Wattles, and Eva Wiener. With grace and wit, CJ Hauser and Kim Ravold stepped up to emcee a couple of events. Robin Bridson provided critical IT advice and backup. And Michelle Puetz was the wizard behind the curtain, working tirelessly for months to make this the best virtual event ever.

Along with the rest of the Colgate Writers Conference advisory board—Peter Balakian, Constance Harsh, Alison Fromme, Michelle Puetz, Cody Tipton, and Jeremy Wattles—I am going to focus on other things besides conference planning for the next little while. Check back here in early fall for details about June 12-28, 2022, when we’ll convene often and in person (knock wood) on the Merrill House porch.

If you attended the Porch Symposium publishing panel, you may recall Halimah Marcus saying that, in her long tenure at Electric Literature, only two or three stories have made her cry. Late Friday evening, I went looking for one of them, “Osterizer Classic Series 10 Cycle Blender.” I’m leaving it here for you, a parting gift from us (and Electric Lit). After you read it, do yourself a huge favor and join!

If you have any feedback about the Porch Symposium, we’d love to hear it. You can reach the whole staff at or me personally at Meanwhile, keep in touch, keep writing, and consider joining us next year.



Jennifer Brice, Director
Colgate Writers Conference
Associate Professor of English
Colgate University