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Welcome to the Colgate Writers' Conference

Attendees of the 2018 Colgate Writers' Conference pose for a picture

From the Acting Director, Jennifer Brice

Has the polar vortex got you dreaming of summer? How about a summer writers’ conference? If so, consider ours. We offer daily craft talks, workshops, shop talks, and evening readings followed by convivial conversation and (if you’re still standing) a cocktail or two on the faculty club porch.

To name two of the things that distinguish us from the competition: 1) We offer a writers’ retreat option for people who’d like to join us for everything but the workshops, and 2) We offer novel- and memoir-intensive workshops for people who’d like to submit a whole manuscript, not just the first chapter. We also grant generous scholarships to those in need of them and, for the first time this year, two full fellowships that will cover everything but travel.

This summer’s workshops include the two I mentioned above, in short- and long-form prose, two poetry workshops, and two new workshops, the first for writers of young adult fiction, the second for those who’d like the structure of guided prompts and congenial company while they generate writing toward a longer project.

For a detailed description of each workshop, check the conference website. There you’ll also find brief biographies of each of our fabulous faculty members. Because conversation and consultation are at the heart of what we do, we promise you’ll find us available and friendly as well as helpful.

The conference unfolds on the campus of Colgate University, a top-tier liberal arts college for nearly 3,000 students. The campus offers air-conditioned libraries and study areas; ample recreational athletics facilities; a boathouse; an 18-hole championship golf course; computer facilities and wireless access throughout campus.

Also in residence during the week of our conference will be the Manhattan String Quartet and the Robert Flaherty Film Seminar, both of which make some events available to us.

APPLY TODAYGot any questions? Feel free to write or call. Not sure you’re ready to come this year, but want to stay in touch? Send us your name and contact information, and we’ll add you to our mailing list.