Hello, Colgate Community.

I don’t think I’m alone in keeping a running tally of days left until Thanksgiving recess. We stand at 67. 

Whether or not you consider that a substantial number, the weeks will disappear with so much to learn, so much data to collect, so many lectures to deliver, papers to write, and virtual events to enjoy. But after this last weekend, I want to join President Casey in reminding you that we can go from 67 to 0 immediately, depending on the spread of COVID on campus.

There were a disheartening number of mask violations reported this weekend, and we take them very seriously. We are documenting each of these violations and warning the students and their parents/guardians that further Commitment to Community Health violations of any kind will result in their return home.

Not wearing masks is a sign that too many people are beginning to relax in ways that put all of us at unnecessary risk. Regardless of the Gate we are in, masks and physical distancing will always be required. Anything less and our good work to date will be undermined. It could also prevent us from moving Gates or trigger a return to remote-only instruction.

These are basics, and there are no mysteries around these particular rules. Wear your mask when you are outside of your room. Stay 6 feet away from anyone who is not in your direct family unit. We are doing this together so we can be together. Or, stated the other way, if we don’t do this together, we will not be together. Any one of the next 67 days could be moving-out day. 

Talk to you on Wednesday. 

Laura H. Jack
Vice President for Communications 

Take Note

Here are a few items from our friends in facilities. 1) All rooms on campus now have new capacities. Please do not add furniture to rooms as this can cause confusion. 2) If you’re not going through wipes and sanitizers at a steady rate, you’re doing something wrong. 3) There are new directional markers all over campus — please look for these signs and follow them.

Campus safety cannot be everywhere. We need everyone to address commitment violations with peers and colleagues. Faculty and staff, please wear your face coverings and also help your campus safety colleagues by addressing violations with students and coworkers. If necessary, report violations in your capacity as a University official. Students, please be active bystanders and address them as well. Peer-to-peer accountability is essential for us to remain together. If we rely on campus safety alone to address violations, we will be unsuccessful.

Tomorrow, from 5:30 a.m. to 6 a.m., ITS will work with our internet service provider to move the University’s 10Gbps internet connection from Albany to Binghamton. Although our secondary internet connection should reduce or eliminate any impact, off-campus users might experience sporadic outages using the VPN to access internal campus resources. Users on campus might experience sporadic outages accessing external internet sites and remote services. If you have any questions or difficulty connecting to any network resource after the upgrade, please call 315-228-7111 or email itshelp@colgate.edu. These efforts are part of a larger initiative to increase Colgate’s overall bandwidth and access speeds.

ALANAPalooza, Colgate’s annual celebration of multicultural life at the University, moved online last week. In a normal year, reliving the moments or seeing what you missed would have been a challenge. But our 2020 celebration has been captured in Colgate’s Livestream archive. Watch it there and share the link with your friends.

A Closing Thought

Find an expressive art and go for it. Our emotional brain is very receptive to the creative arts, and it is a direct portal for release of feeling. Find something that is creative (sculpting, drawing, dancing, singing, playing an instrument) and give it your all. See how relieved you can feel. 

Upcoming Events

Soothing Vinyasa Yoga with Lauren Dirvonas ’23
Sept. 15
8 p.m.
All skill levels are welcome, and no prior experience is necessary.

Museum Conversations: Looting and Museums
Sept. 16
11:30 a.m.
Join University Museums staff members and invited speakers for a virtual conversation on "Looting and Museums." Everyone is welcome to attend. You may drop in whenever you are able and leave whenever you need.