To ensure the health and safety of individuals and the Colgate and Hamilton communities, Independent Student Organizations (ISO) will operate under specific guidelines for the Fall 2020 semester.

As student organizations establish goals and plans for their return to campus, it is important to keep in mind the overall goal of safeguarding the health and safety of faculty, staff, students, and the local community. Continued precautions related to events, activities, meetings, and all other in-person gatherings must be followed.

Listed below are resources and information for you to consider as you plan for the Fall 2020 semester. We ask student organizations to follow this guidance out of respect for our community and to protect one another. This endeavor will require adaptability, creativity, and resourcefulness to create a new normal at Colgate. 

These guidelines will be updated as information from NY State and the University’s Emergency Operations Committee is updated. For more information on the University response to COVID-19, please refer to


For the Fall 2020 semester, Advising Departments in the Dean of the College division (ALANA, CLSI, COVE, Office of the Chaplains) have simplified the recognition requirements to allow student organizations to focus on engaging their membership and building community. All organization statuses have been set to active on Get Involved and there is no penalty for missing criteria from the spring semester. Recognition guidelines for the fall semester are as follows. 

  • Each organization must register on Get Involved during the first four weeks of the fall semester.
  • Each organization must have at least four leaders, including a President and Treasurer, on Get Involved. 
  • All student organization leaders must complete the NY State Enough is Enough sexual assault prevention training. 
  • Each organization must have at least two leaders who complete the Student Organization training. 
  • To be eligible for BAC funding, organizations must have at least two leaders who complete the Student Organization Finance training. 

Meeting, Activity, and Event Planning

ISOs are encouraged to hold activities and events virtually when it is possible to do so. Requests for in-person gatherings must be submitted to your student organization adviser. If upon review your student organization advisor recommends your in-person gathering, they will submit the proposal to the Event Safety Group for approval.

Gathering to conduct general business of the organization

  • All meetings must be held virtually during the fall semester.
  • All meetings must be registered on Get Involved

Membership-only gathering with a specific purpose related to the mission of the student organization

  • Student organizations are encouraged to hold activities virtually whenever possible.
  • All activities must be registered on Get Involved. Requests for in-person activities must be submitted at least two weeks in advance.

Gatherings open to the student body with a specific purpose related to the mission of the organization

  • Student organizations are encouraged to host events virtually whenever possible. 
  • All events must be registered on Get Involved and the Colgate Events Calendar. Requests for in-person events must be submitted at least two weeks in advance.
  • Requests for in-person events must be submitted at least two weeks in advance.

Marketing and Advertising

Student organizations will be able to market and advertise their events in many of the same ways as before. Meetings, activities, and events must be registered on Get Involved. Additionally, events must also be posted on the Colgate calendar. 

The opportunity to place posters in residence halls has been suspended. Updates to university policy limit access of residence halls to current residents.

Virtual Events

Whenever possible, student organizations should host meetings and events virtually. This will reduce exposure as well as ensure all students are able to participate.


All members of the Colgate community are able to host video meetings through Google Meet. These meetings can be scheduled through your university email account or calendar. For more information on using Google Meet, please review these instructions.

All members of the Colgate community have access to a licensed Zoom account. To activate the licensed account, hosts must sign in through A licensed Zoom account allows you to host meetings and events with up to 300 attendees. For more information on Zoom, please review these video tutorials.

All recognized ISOs have their own page on Get Involved offers a number of features to help your organization operate online. Through this platform, organizations can advertise events, manage their membership, hold elections, and host organization documents. For more information on Get Involved, please review the Student Leader Resource Guide or reach out to

The Colgate calendar is more important than ever in providing the community with information about upcoming events. When submitting new virtual events to the calendar, please use the following best practices to ensure your events are displayed correctly:

  • Select Webinar/Virtual Event in the Event Format field.
  • Include a link for event registration — do not publicly share the link for your virtual meeting, as it greatly increases the risk of Zoombombing.
  • Indicate that the event is virtual by including Virtual or Webinar in the event title.

In-person Gatherings

  • No ISO may host an in-person gathering between the time the residence halls open and September 8th. 
  • All approved in-person gatherings must have an event/activity plan that ensures safety for members and participants.
  • ISOs will be responsible for tracking attendance at all in-person activities and events.
  • The Chaplains' Office charge to facilitate the free exercise of religion for interested community members may, at times, necessitate interpretation and application of these guidelines tailored to the needs of particular religious groups.

All in-person gatherings must be in accordance with the guidelines established in the Commitment to Community Health including, but not limited to, maintaining 6 feet of physical distance between attendees and wearing a face covering at all times.

If students are acting on behalf of a student organization and are found responsible for not following the Commitment to Community Health, the entire student organization may be held responsible.

Avoid hosting events that are open to participants from outside the Colgate community, including students from other universities. Guests are not permitted on campus during the fall semester. This restriction includes events planned by student organizations.

If you are planning an in-person gathering, choose venues that allow for safe social-distancing practices. Updated physical distancing capacities are shown for each room on the Event Management System. Remember to account for hosts, attendees, and any staff in the projected attendance. All room reservations must be made by your student organization adviser and approved by the Event Safety Group.

In-person gathering spaces must be cleaned before and after each use. Buildings and grounds will clean each space thoroughly at least once each day, but may be unable to provide support for each in-person gathering.

Attendance must be tracked at all in-person gatherings using the Get Involved Event Check-In process. Attendees may be registered via their Event Pass or recorded manually via their email address. 

Student organizations are not permitted to table to advertise or fundraise during the fall semester. Space in Frank Dining Hall and the O’Connor Campus Center (Coop) has been maximized for dining purposes.

No social hosting, parties, or off-campus social events will be permitted for the fall semester. Violations of this policy will be considered a flagrant violation of the Commitment to Community Health and will lead to serious implications for the sponsoring organization and individual students, as applicable.

All off-campus travel for student organizations is currently suspended.

No food or beverages may be served or provided at student organization sponsored events.

In-person performances are not permitted during the fall semester. This includes all practices, rehearsals, and performances. Pre-recorded performances are acceptable and may be arranged with your student organization adviser. 

Activities with physical exertion should take place outdoors only. The physical distance between individuals should be increased to 12 feet. Masks must continue to be worn in accordance with university guidelines.