Policy for Employee Community Health Violations

Employee Commitment to Community Health Violations include, but are not limited to:

  • Failure to participate in testing when required
  • Not wearing appropriate face coverings when required
  • Not practicing physical distancing when required

Progressive Response to Commitment Violations

Failure to report for required testing:  

Any failure to report for required testing without prior approval from human resources will result in a one-day suspension, which will progress by one (1) additional day for each failure to report for testing.

Other Commitment to Community Health Violations:

Employees who fail to follow mask wearing, physical distancing, or any other requirement as outlined in the Commitment to Community Health will be subject to progressive responses up to and including suspension without pay.

A verbal conversation and/or email reminder will be sent to the employee. 

A verbal warning and email reminder will be sent to the employee, with a copy of the notice placed in the employee’s file. 

A conversation and a written warning for failure will be sent to the employee, with a copy of the notice placed in the employee’s file. A third violation could include loss of certain University privileges. 

Employees will serve a one-day suspension without pay if a fourth violation is issued and this might also include a loss of access to facilities and University privileges.  

Combination of Community Health Violations

The University reserves the right to fast-track disciplinary actions in the case of multiple violations of the Commitment to Community Health, based on the severity/intent of the violations. Multiple violations could result in disciplinary action up to and including revocation of access to funding and other resources or the termination of employment, should it be deemed that the employee has a total disregard for the Commitment to Community Health.