Please read this policy in its entirety. 

The best way to mitigate the risk of an outbreak of COVID-19 at Colgate University and in the Greater Hamilton Community (Community) is to create a stable population, where travel in and out of the Community is effectively controlled and/or limited. For the purposes of this document, the Community is defined as the Village and Town of Hamilton, Colgate properties (within Madison County), and locations within the range of the Colgate Cruiser Shuttle Service. Anytime Community members travel outside of the Community, they serve as a possible vector for the disease and increase the risk of contracting the disease themselves and spreading it to the rest of the Community. Therefore, with these guidelines, we hope to limit the risks associated with community transmission.

Faculty, staff, and students are strongly advised to avoid all nonessential travel.

Certain forms of travel are unavoidable for the operation of the University and for personal reasons that cannot be postponed, such as family emergencies. Although these circumstances are expected to be few in occurrence, those who travel under such circumstances need to follow these guidelines and all applicable government-issued travel guidance to minimize the risk of personal infection and community transmission. Additional provisions apply to University-sponsored travel.


When an employee’s on-campus presence is necessary for effective University operations, commuting is considered essential travel; nonetheless, all members of the Community who commute to campus are advised to carefully monitor changing travel restrictions and University communications. Members of the Community (faculty and staff) must discuss their commuting status with their department chair or supervisor(s) and decisions may be dependent on NYS Cluster Zone designations, the Health Analytics Dashboard status, University operational status, and other public health factors. If staffing needs allow for employees to work from home, they should do so whenever possible.

Vaccination Status/Previous Infection

In accordance with guidance from the New York State Department of Health, vaccination status does not exempt individuals from quarantine or testing, because it remains unknown whether the approved vaccines are effective against the new coronavirus variants.

Travel policies remain in effect for everyone, even If you have recovered from a COVID-19 infection, because it remains unknown if previous infection provides protection from new coronavirus variants or reinfection.