Term charges (for Colgate tuition, fees, housing and dining) will not be reduced or refunded based on required isolation or quarantine periods.

Withdrawal and Refund Policy

Tuition and Fees

The tuition and student association fee rates charged by the University are not dependent on the format of the educational and other programs for which they are payable. Accordingly, if Colgate University is required to alter the structure of its on-campus educational programs or transition students to a remote learning model (in whole or in part) due to restrictions imposed by federal, state or local governmental authorities or applicable laws, or if the University determines such action to be warranted in light of continuing or potential impacts of the COVID-19/coronavirus pandemic, or if individual students change their status from on-campus to remote learner, should such an option exist, no reduction or refund of tuition and student association fee will be made based on the resulting changes to the programs in which students are enrolled.

On Campus

Students must notify and receive approval from an administrative dean to officially withdraw or to take a leave of absence from Colgate. The date of withdrawal is determined by the student’s administrative dean. A student who officially withdraws or is granted a leave of absence from Colgate before 60 percent of the enrollment period has expired will receive adjusted charges for tuition, fees, room, and meals based on the percentage of time enrolled. Federal aid is refunded according to the Federal Title IV refund formula. State grants are refunded based on individual state regulations. After 60 percent of the enrollment period has lapsed, no adjustments will be made. This policy applies only to tuition, fees, room, and meal charges set by Colgate University. External scholarships will be adjusted based on the host program’s regulations. A sample of this refund policy is available by contacting the Office of Financial Aid, 315-228-7431 or finaid@colgate.edu.

Off-Campus Study

All off-campus study participants must pay a non-refundable $500 deposit at the time of commitment to their program. This deposit is applied to the overall program costs for the semester of participation or forfeited upon withdrawal from a program. Failure to pay the enrollment deposit will result in withdrawal from the program. If this payment presents a significant and demonstrable financial burden, a student accepted to a program may contact the Office of Off-Campus Study to submit a request to reduce the deposit, which will be considered on a case-by case basis with input from the Office of Financial Aid.

Refunds of Colgate tuition for off-campus study are governed by the university’s refund policy. Written notification of withdrawal must be dated and delivered to the director of off-campus study.  E-mail notification from a Colgate e-mail address is acceptable. The postmark or date of e-mail serves as the effective date of withdraw and the first day of classes of the participant’s off-campus study program serves as the official start date for the purposes of the tuition refund calculation.

Additionally, students will be charged for any non-recoverable expenses including, but not limited to, non-refundable deposits, tuition from a partner university or organization, approved program charges, housing, transportation, visas, and/or shared group expenses. The extent of non-recoverable expenses vary by program and the date of withdrawal.

Leave of Absence Fees and Deposits

Normally students attend Colgate for four consecutive years, fall and spring semesters. If it is necessary to interrupt this pattern, a student may request an academic or personal leave of absence.

Students must request an academic leave of absence from their administrative dean. Students approved for academic leaves will be charged a $500 administrative fee. This fee defrays costs incurred by Colgate for maintaining records and providing advising and other services to students while studying away from the university.

Students approved for personal leaves will be required to pay a $300 nonrefundable leave deposit. Provided that a student either returns for the scheduled semester or arranges an extension of the leave through his or her administrative dean, the deposit will be applied to the student’s account in the semester of return to Colgate.

For a student who plans to be away on academic or personal leave in the fall semester, the fee or deposit will be due the previous August 1. For a student who plans to be away in the spring semester, the deadline is the prior January 1.

Approved medical leaves do not require a deposit or an administrative fee. For additional information on academic leaves, see Leaves of Absence. For additional information regarding personal and medical leaves, see the Colgate Student Handbook.