Summer 2021

Note that significant changes have been made to this version of the Commitment to Community Health. Please read the entire document before signing.

Sign the commitment

As members of the Colgate community, students must play a part in maintaining the health and safety of the Colgate and Hamilton communities. The University expects students to follow guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), New York State regulations, and other University policies related to the health of our community managing the presence of SARS-CoV2 on campus and within the Village and Town of Hamilton. 

Because of the potentially severe public health effects, administrative actions must be taken to protect the health and safety of the University and surrounding communities. For students who do not adhere to the expectations outlined here, administrative actions may include parental notification, loss of the privilege to live in residence, forfeiture of the ability to use campus services, suspension, or expulsion. The expectations detailed below apply to all students, regardless of vaccination status, except where explicitly noted.

Students understand that, per the Colgate University Code of Student Conduct, at any time during enrollment and regardless of location, they must comply with these directives and “abide by all University policies and procedures and comply with directions of University officials acting in performance of their duties.” (Student Handbook 2020–21)

In order to remain on or return to campus and to participate in in-person activities, I commit to the following:


I understand that, if I am employed by the University, I agree to abide by the rules set forth in the employee commitment. 

Face Coverings

Wearing a CDC-compliant face covering is required for all individuals, in any setting regardless of vaccination status. Subject to change, at this time, students must wear a CDC-compliant face covering while indoors on the Colgate campus, and in any setting where physical distancing cannot be maintained. Exceptions to face coverings usage include private spaces, such as a residential unit, and in outdoor or non-public areas where sustained distancing is anticipated and practical (e.g. two physically distanced workstations or walk on campus where you will not pass others within six feet). I must also comply with New York State requirements related to area businesses and restaurants.

Physical Distancing

I will do my best to maintain a safe physical distance of 6 feet or more in all settings and 12 feet while exercising, singing, or engaging in other increased-exhalation activities. Congregating in communal areas of campus in groups of any size must be done in accordance with CDC and New York State guidelines.

Testing, Quarantine, and Isolation

I will comply with medical professionals, or their designees, when they give me instructions as a result of my test result, which may include isolating or quarantining in a University location in accordance with Colgate’s quarantine and isolation protocol. I will also comply honestly, accurately, fully, and quickly with any contact tracing requests I receive. I will comply with all of the testing regimes that Colgate requires. Summer residents will be required to test upon arrival on campus and activities, such as in-person activity and dining, will be restricted until test results are received. Students who are fully vaccinated at the time of exposure to SARS-CoV-2 will not be required to quarantine, unless CDC guidance changes this summer. In the event of possible exposure to SARS-CoV-2 or a positive COVID-19 test, an unvaccinated or partially-vaccinated student will be required to quarantine or isolate in accordance with Colgate’s quarantine and isolation protocol, and the requirements of the Madison County Department of Health. Symptomatic individuals, regardless of vaccination status, may be required to quarantine or isolate. 

During isolation or quarantine, I will follow the directions provided by Colgate and/or the Department of Health, including not having in-person contact with other individuals during this period of time.

Travel and Guests

I must follow Colgate’s COVID-19 Travel Policy. Fully vaccinated guests will be permitted on campus without prior approval, and may be asked to demonstrate their vaccine status.


I understand that Colgate University will require all students to be vaccinated beginning May 17, 2021, unless granted a medical or religious exemption in accordance with established University processes. I will comply with this vaccine requirement.

Accountability for the Student Commitment to Community Health

In the event of a student’s or organization’s suspected violation of the Commitment to Community Health, the Office of the Dean of the College will conduct an internal review of the incident. If it is determined that the student(s) or organization(s) are in violation, the student(s) or organization(s) may be issued a warning, parents or guardians may be notified, and, in the interest of protecting community health, more serious consequences will be imposed, including but not limited to reassignment of housing, loss of University housing and campus access. 
In the event I am reassigned to alternative housing, lose the privilege to reside in University housing, or lose permission to be on campus, I will not be entitled to a reduction or refund of housing or meal plan costs.

I also understand that a loss of approval to be on campus or utilize campus resources may impact my ability to continue participation in their summer employment, program, or research.

A student or organization removed from University housing, reassigned, or prohibited from presence on campus may appeal these administrative measures by submitting a request, in writing to the dean of students within five days after receiving notice of imposition of the protective measures. The measures will remain in effect pending the review. The dean of students’ decision on review is final and is not subject to further appeal.

Disciplinary Considerations

These measures are meant to remedy the increased risk to the public health and, if implemented, are not disciplinary sanctions, will not appear on my or my organization’s disciplinary record, and are in addition to (and not in lieu of) potential disciplinary consequences or consequences permitted under my housing agreement with the University. 

In circumstances involving intentional or significant alleged violations of the Commitment to Community Health, the Office of the Dean of the College may, in addition to or in lieu of imposing consequences as described above, refer the matter to the disciplinary officer for potential disciplinary process. Sanctions imposed as part of a disciplinary process may include a range of sanctions, including suspension or even expulsion, in the most serious cases. Information on the disciplinary process can be found at