Summer 2021

Note that significant changes have been made to this version of the Commitment to Community Health. Please read the entire document. 

The Commitment to Community Health is a policy created in response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and remains in effect until further notice. Compliance with these expectations is non-negotiable

I understand that:

  • my actions at work and outside of work directly impact others’ wellbeing.
  • I am required to follow all CDC and NYS guidelines, as well as any additional requirements set forth by Colgate University.  
  • in order to be able to work on campus and to participate in on-campus activities of any sort, I must commit to the following and failure to do so may result in employment actions.


I understand that, should Colgate University require all faculty, staff, and students to be vaccinated, I will participate — unless granted a medical or religious exemption in accordance with established University processes. 

Health Education

Completion of a Health Education module will be required of all new employees. I understand that I will need to complete the Colgate University online COVID-19 health education course no later than May 16 or within two days from my date of hire. Current employees should have already completed this requirement. Supervisors are expected to confirm via the portal that staff have met this requirement prior to May 16. 

Face Coverings

Wearing a CDC-compliant face covering is required for all individuals, in any setting, regardless of vaccination status. I must wear a CDC-compliant face covering while indoors on the Colgate campus and in any setting where physical distancing cannot be maintained. Exceptions to face coverings usage include private spaces, such as a residential unit, and in non-public areas where sustained distancing is anticipated and practical (e.g. two physically distanced workstations). I must also comply with New York State requirements related to area businesses and restaurants. 

Physical Distancing

I will do my best to maintain a safe physical distance of 6 feet or more in all settings and 12 feet while exercising, singing, or engaging in other increased-exhalation activities. Congregating in communal areas of campus in groups of any size must be done in accordance with CDC and New York State guidelines.

Health Screening

In accordance with NYS guidelines, I will self monitor for symptoms and will not report to work if I have any symptoms consistent with COVID-19.


I will comply with all of the testing regimes that Colgate requires of me. I will comply with medical professionals or designees when they give me instructions following test results. I am aware that these instructions might include isolating in a designated location or quarantining in accordance with Colgate’s quarantine and isolation protocol.

Contact Tracing

I will comply honestly, accurately, and quickly with any contact tracing requests that I receive. 

Quarantine and Self-Isolation

I understand that, in the event of possible exposure to SARS-CoV-2 or receipt of a positive COVID-19 test, I will be required to behave in accordance with Colgate University and/or the New York State Department of Health protocols in place at that time, which may be different for vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals.


I agree to adhere to the expectations regarding personal and professional travel outlined in the COVID-19 Colgate University Travel Policy.


I understand that violating the Commitment to Community Health will result in corrective employment actions including a verbal or written warning, and/or temporary suspension. More information is available for review in the Colgate Policy on Community Health Violations.