Recognizing that Colgate is a residential community, where serving our students and collaborating with others is usually achieved by being present on our campus, we are planning for all employees whose work took place on campus before the pandemic to be working in person on campus before the fall semester begins. All staff, except those with approval from their divisional VP, in accordance with the Telecommuting Policy, are expected to return to a full campus presence no later than August, 2, 2021.

In support of this plan, Colgate is requiring all employees to complete their COVID-19 vaccination series by July 19, which is two weeks before the August 2 return to campus.

The following expectations have been developed to achieve our goals for our return to a full on-campus presence ahead of the fall 2021 semester. One of the safest things employees can do to protect themselves and others is to be vaccinated. COVID-19 vaccines are safe, effective, and available free of charge at points of dispensing on campus and in the surrounding area.

August 2 Vaccination Requirement

On August 2, 2021, Colgate's vaccination requirement goes into effect for employees. To be fully vaccinated by this date, the first dose of Pfizer would need to be received by June 28, the first dose of Moderna would need to be received by June 19, and a single dose of Johnson and Johnson would need to be received by July 19.

Vaccine Requirement FAQs for Employees Vaccine Requirement FAQs for Students

General Expectations for All Employees

All employees reporting to campus are expected to abide by the following requirements:

  • Each and every work day, employees will self monitor for symptoms and will not report to work with any symptoms consistent with COVID-19.   
  • Employees who may have an accommodation request should complete the COVID-19 Request for Accommodation Form and return it to the Human Resources Department. Human Resources will work with the employee and supervisor to consider available alternate work arrangements.
  • All employees are expected to return any Colgate-owned equipment that they may have at home no later than August 2, 2021.
  • All guests (e.g. visitors, spouse, children, etc.) to campus (e.g. meetings, deliveries, camps) must comply with these requirements.

Telecommuting and Occasional Work from Home Policy

Limited exceptions, in which departmental needs would clearly be best served by extending remote working arrangements, may be requested by departmental and divisional supervisors. Department heads wishing to explore this possibility should consult with their divisional leadership. The Human Resources Department will partner with divisional leaders in reviewing these requests in order to ensure that Colgate continues to have the staff presence necessary to support the activities of the campus as the University emerges from the pandemic and returns to the work of a residential academic community. 

Any employee who is approved to work remotely must:

Repopulation of Campus

Some employees may need to reaccustom themselves to being around people, and others may still have children in remote instruction. Whereas our goal is to return to a full campus presence for the fall semester, we will do so in a way that is supportive of staff. 

Employees who have been working remotely may benefit from planning for a phased return. This may be accomplished by creating multiple work teams, staggering arrival/departure, or adjusting work hours for a phased return of staff. 

  • As there is no longer a reduced staff requirement, effective today, May 24, supervisors should work with their staff to develop a gradual return to campus plan. Whenever possible, provide employees with two weeks’ notice prior to their return to campus to allow them to plan appropriately. Please note the following suggested guidelines:
    • Beginning Monday, May 24, staff, in coordination with their supervisor, may increase their on-campus presence up to 100%. 
    • Beginning Monday, July 5, all staff should have some regularity of an on-campus presence (1-2 days per week minimum).
    • Beginning Monday, July 26, all staff should have a minimum of 60% on-campus presence (3 days/wk).
    • Beginning Monday, August 2, all staff should return to a full on-campus presence. Faculty will return to campus in August, in keeping with the normal rhythms of the academic calendar.
  • This summer, eligible employees will have the opportunity to work additional hours to allow for a day off (e.g. Monday–Thursday and take a Friday off) or take up to eight weeks of leave without pay while retaining benefits. All requests for adjustments to schedules or leave requests must be coordinated and approved by the supervisor to ensure all operational needs are covered. Final arrangements must be submitted to Human Resources via this form. Employees who take a leave will be required to prepay for their portion of benefit premiums. 
  • In addition, support and technical staff employees who hold regular full-time and regular part-time positions are eligible for a reduced workday as described in the Summer Hours Policy in the Personnel Policies and Benefits Handbook. This policy is not applicable to salaried (non-hourly) employees, the Office of Campus Safety, or employees who are covered under the facilities collective bargaining agreement.