The Health Analytics team continuously evaluates numerous data points related to Colgate’s return to on-campus operations to ensure effective public health measures are in place.

Team Members

The Health Analytics Team includes staff members from the human resources department, Student Health Services, facilities management, ITS, EHS, athletics, the dean of the faculty division, and the dean of the college division.

Health Analytics Data

In order to analyze the effectiveness of our Return to On-Campus Work Plan and to be proactive in dealing with potential outbreaks, the Health Analytics Team will focus on and be accountable for monitoring data points as outlined in the plan.

The Health Analytics Team will:

  • Create and monitor health education training for staff on campus.
  • Monitor trends of Health Screening daily results, working with supervisors to ensure the system is working appropriately and request feedback for improvements.
  • Develop other monitoring factors that will be needed as students return to campus. 
  • Monitor cleaning, disinfectant, and PPE supply rates, in coordination with facilities.


Supervisors, department chairs, and program directors will not see data from specific employees and their responses to health surveys, but they will be able to see whether or not specific employees have completed required forms.
Staff in Human Resources and University health professionals will have permission to see all survey answers.