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Vaccination is key to ending the pandemic and finishing strong. So, when the opportunity comes, protect yourself and your community.

Vaccine Booster Requirements

  • Colgate will require all eligible students, faculty, and staff to provide proof of receiving a SARS-CoV-2 vaccine booster. 
  • Any of the currently available booster vaccines (Pfizer/BnT, Moderna, or J&J/Janssen) will qualify for this requirement.
  • Employees who fail to meet this requirement will be subject to employment action.
  • Colgate will be holding regular booster clinics throughout the spring semester.


  • Ideally, all students and employees should have received their booster by January 7, so that the dose will be fully effective when residence halls open again on January 22.
  • The deadline for receiving a vaccine booster is February 1, 2022.
  • Students: If your healthcare provider recommends delaying the booster due to a recent COVID-19 diagnosis, please tell Student Health Services at the same time you notify them that you have tested positive for COVID-19.
  • Employees: If you have recently tested positive for COVID-19 or have a note from your physician to delay receiving a booster shot, please forward this information to human resources.

Submit Proof of Booster Vaccination


  • Proof of booster vaccination should be uploaded to the myColgateHealth Patient Portal and can also be faxed to 315-228-6823, or emailed to 
  • Be aware that email is not a secure way of sending information and confidentiality can not be guaranteed.
  • Proof of vaccination includes a legible copy of your vaccine card.

Student Booster Verification



  • Employees must submit their booster documentation.
  • Please ensure that your name and date of birth are visible in any image being used for document verification.
  • If using the Excelsior Pass Plus use the download option (not a screenshot) to save a PDF for uploading.
  • Should you experience issues with the upload please contact the Human Resources Department for assistance.

Employee Booster Verification


Student Exemptions

  • Students will be able to apply for religious and medical exemption consideration.
  • Students who have already reaffirmed their religious or medical exemption remain exempt.
  • Contact Student Health Services if you have medical concerns related to the booster.

Employee Exemptions

  • Employees who have reaffirmed their religious or medical exemption remain exempt.
  • Employees may file for a medical exemption only, related to the booster.
  • Employees who fail to meet this requirement will be subject to employment action.

Vaccination Requirements

The University has required all students and employees living and working on campus to be up to date with their COVID vaccinations. Currently, the CDC defines “up to date” as a person having received all recommended doses in a primary series of COVID-19 vaccine and booster doses, when eligible. Learn more about the requirements and possible exemptions at the links below.

FAQs for Students FAQs for Employees

Current Vaccination Rates

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Vaccination at Colgate

Colgate has been approved to serve as a site for dispensing the COVID-19 vaccine. The University will support the Madison County Department of Health’s distribution efforts.

The University is currently administering COVID-19 vaccine as doses are received, following New York State’s distribution guidelines.

Watch campus communications for your opportunity to register.

Vaccination in the Colgate Community