Student Departure from Campus

As on-campus operations for the Fall 2020 semester wrap up, students should follow these guidelines to ensure a safe and orderly departure from campus.

Student departure: November 18–22

November 20 will be the final day of in-person instruction. Students who have not been approved to remain on campus during the winter recess need to depart from campus by noon on November 22.

Register departure date/time

This extended departure period and new registration process are to help promote physical distancing and provide traffic control during this year’s move out.

Check Out from Residential Housing

Families and guests are not permitted in residential spaces to assist with the departure process. Student pickup and departure will take place during scheduled 30-minute time frames to reduce traffic as much as possible. Wear a face covering. Maintain 6 feet of distance. Practice thorough hand hygiene.

All students should take the following steps when preparing to depart campus:

  • Take home all essential belongings (medication, computers, books necessary for the conclusion of the semester, etc.). Because global and national conditions may change throughout the break, it is important that everyone be prepared for a scenario that could disrupt in-person learning on campus for the spring.
  • Students planning to return to campus for the spring semester will receive a COVID-19 test kit from Let's Get Checked — students must take this test kit home with them for use prior to the start of the spring semester. See details about the testing strategy below.
  • Students seeking to sell textbooks prior to departure may do so through the Colgate Bookstore online.
  • Clean out refrigerators of all items that will spoil before returning in January and remove all perishable items from cupboards and counters.

Additional check-out protocols vary depending on the student's residential plans for the Spring 2021 semester.

Students who are returning for the spring semester must register for a departure date/time to assist with de-densifying campus during move-out, but they do not need to make a check-out appointment with their CL.

Students should review and complete the departure checklist provided by the Office of Residential Life’s which includes reminders to close and lock windows, turn out lights, unplug items, clean the room, discard trash, etc.). Checklists will be provided on resident doors, via email, and at the community leaders’ closing floor meetings.

Students will keep their keys for their room assignment. Card access will be deactivated for those not approved for winter-break housing.

Note: If a student decides, at a later date, not to return for the spring semester, that individual will assume responsibility for moving or storage costs.

Students who have a room assignment change from fall to spring semester (relocating) will be required to move their items to their new room no later than Saturday, Nov. 21, at 5:00 p.m. Students will be required to conduct an in-person checkout with their CL for the space they are vacating. This largely impacts only students needing to relocate to a fraternity or sorority house on Broad Street.

Students should leave their belongings boxed/packed in their new residential location during the winter break. This aids facilities and custodial staff as they perform light cleaning and repairs over winter break.

Note: If a student decides, at a later date, not to return for the spring semester, that individual will assume responsibility for moving or storage costs.

Students who are not returning for the spring semester will register for a departure date/time and must also sign up for a check-out time directly with their community leader. During the checkout, CLs will:

  • Ensure all items have been removed from the room — including non-University–owned furnishings, personal belongings, garbage, etc.
  • Ensure that the room has been cleaned properly and discuss with the student any damage that occurred and will require damage billing
  • Collect the key from the resident
  • Lock the room upon resident departure

Departure from Campus

Students have options for leaving campus: arranging an on-campus pick-up (e.g. parent/family member, taxi), departing via their own transportation (e.g. personal vehicle), or taking a Colgate-sponsored shuttle to the Syracuse airport.

Students may arrange to have someone drive to campus to pick them up or retrieve their belongings. These students will need to sign up for a departure window in order to reduce traffic and maintain social distancing.

Guidance for people coming to pick up a student:

  • No one is allowed into the residential buildings.
  • Student pick up and departure will take place during a 30-minute time frame to reduce traffic.
  • Wear a mask. Maintain 6 feet of distance. Practice thorough hand hygiene.
  • Restrooms for visitors to campus picking up students are available at Donovan's Pub (James C. Colgate Hall).

During the move-out timeframe, students are permitted to use personal vehicles on campus. These students should sign up for a departure window in order to reduce traffic and maintain social distancing.

Students who will be traveling by air from Syracuse’s Hancock International Airport should sign up for airport shuttles.

Signup for airport shuttle

The following dates and times have been established:

  • Friday, November 20
    • 9:00 a.m.
    • 2:00 p.m.
  • Saturday, November 21
    • 9:00 a.m.
    • Noon
    • 5:00 p.m.
  • Sunday, November 22
    • 9:00 a.m.
    • Noon
    • 5:00 p.m. 
  • Monday, November 23 (for CLs and students with delayed flights)
    • 9:00 a.m.
    • Noon

Remaining on Campus for Winter Break

Students seeking to remain on campus throughout the winter recess must request approval by Friday, Oct. 23.

Request to remain on campus

Please note that, due to cleaning, sustainability goals, and to better provide support services, students who remain on campus may be asked to move into vacant rooms during the winter recess to consolidate the number of residence halls in use.

The University is now developing plans to support students who are remaining on campus during the winter recess period. Details about dining, fitness center usage, mail services, counseling services, random testing, Colgate Cruiser schedules, and other activities will be shared before the fall semester concludes.

COVID-19 Testing

Preparing for the Spring Semester

All students will receive a Let’s Get Checked COVID-19 test kit prior to departing campus. This test kit is to be used for the required at-home test to be taken between January 11 and 13 before returning to the campus for the spring semester.

Test kit distribution details will be shared as we get closer to departure. Students should not depart campus without one of these kits in hand. In addition, students are reminded to carefully store these kits, as they will need to be activated prior to the spring return to campus.

Misplaced or lost test kits can be replaced at a charge of $125 billed directly to a student’s term bill.

No Testing Prior to Departure

Because of the excellent adherence by the Colgate community to the Commitment to Community Health, continued random testing, and wastewater monitoring, the COVID-19 test positivity rate in this area is very low and indicates no need for testing all students prior to departure.

Be aware that travel can increase risk of infection, so please be careful and continue to follow all public health prevention guidelines (e.g. face coverings, physical distancing, frequent hand washing, etc.) while in transit. If you experience conditions during your travel that may put you at risk, please consider quarantining upon arriving at your destination.

Arranging Your Own Testing

Students who wish to receive a test before leaving campus may do so through a number of local providers as listed by the Madison County Department of Health.