During Mandatory Universal Arrival Quarantine

All students will begin their academic classes remotely from their residences. Classes begin on August 27.


Textbooks will be delivered to students’ places of residence (both on-campus and off-campus) until the mandatory quarantine period is completed. Students can inquire about this service directly from the bookstore staff.

Student Academic Resource Guide

This guide is designed to pull information together in one location to help you navigate in-person, hybrid, and remote learning spaces at Colgate. The semester is a journey. Here are some ideas, guidelines and tools for helping you plan for that trip.

Student Academic Resource Guide


Semester Calendar

Review the key dates for the semester, and print calendars to record your own events and deadlines.

Office of Disability Services

Students should consult with the Office of Disability Services at 315-228-7375 to discuss their need for any academic adjustments.