In compliance with the University's Gates of Reopening, a limited number of classrooms can begin to serve as places to study and collaborate in Gates 2 and higher.

Beginning in Gate 2, groups of 10 or fewer students may gather in non-residential indoor spaces if they wear face coverings, maintain 6-feet of physical distance, and follow all guidelines of the current Gate.

About the Gates of Reopening

Available Spaces

Group study locations are available:

  • Weekdays: 8 a.m.–10 p.m.
  • Weekends: 10 a.m.–10 p.m.

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Reservable Spaces

Students may reserve the following spaces online using the EMS system. To reserve, sign in, click Create a Reservation, then choose Classroom study spaces immediately reservable. When asked to add a Host, please select Self Booking User.

Reserve on EMS

Rooms are reservable for up to two hours. They may be reserved up to seven days in advance.

For assistance reserving rooms: Contact the ITS Service Desk.

Alumni 208

  • Setup: Tablet arm chairs
  • Capacity: 8

Alumni 209

  • Setup: Seminar
  • Capacity: 8

Alumni 431

  • Setup: Seminar
  • Capacity: 4

Alumni 432

  • Setup: Seminar
  • Capacity: 4

Persson 133

  • Setup: Seminar
  • Capacity: 6

Person 210

  • Setup: Seminar
  • Capacity: 8

Olin 302

  • Setup: Seminar
  • Capacity: 8

Drop-in Spaces

The following spaces are available for drop-in collaboration. Please be respectful of your peers and limit usage of drop-in spaces to no more than two hours, giving other groups an opportunity to meet as well.

Alumni 108

  • Setup: Tablet arm chairs
  • Capacity: 10

Alumni 109

  • Setup: Tablet arm chairs
  • Capacity: 9

Ho 217

  • Setup: Tables and chairs
  • Capacity: 9

Student Organization Activity and Event Spaces

Student organizations may work with their advisors to reserve the following spaces online using the EMS system.

Building Room Setup Capacity
113 Broad St Shaw Lounge Multi-Purpose Room 13
Benton Hall 200 Seminar Room Seminar Room 15
Benton Hall 213 Clifford Commons Conference Room 17
Bryan Complex Edge Cafe Multi-Purpose Room 63
Burke Hall 003 Seminar 1 Seminar Room 9
Burke Hall 004 Seminar 2 Seminar Room 11
Burke Hall 101 MPR 1 Multi-Purpose Room 12
Case Library & Geyer Center 560 (Batza Room) Multi-Purpose Room 27
Huntington Gym 110 Wooster (Small Room Only) 13
Huntington Gym 111 Wooster (Large Room Only) 9
Huntington Gym 110/111 Wooster Room (110/111) 22
James C. Colgate Hall Hall of Presidents Multi-Purpose Room 95
Jane Pinchin Hall 003 Seminar 1 Seminar Room 9
Jane Pinchin Hall 004 Seminar 2 Seminar Room 11
Jane Pinchin Hall 101 MPR 1 Multi-Purpose Room 12
Little Hall 105 (Golden Auditorium) Auditorium 23
Little Hall 207 AV Classroom 20
O'Connor Campus Center 133 Fireplace Lounge Multi-Purpose Room 28
O'Connor Campus Center 135 Media Lounge   34
Parker Apartments Commons   54
Persson Hall 27 (Persson Auditorium) Auditorium 21
Ryan Hall 209   5
Ryan Hall 211   7

University Libraries

The University libraries (Case-Geyer and Cooley) are maintaining modified hours during the pandemic to allow for enhanced cleaning and sanitization procedures. Physical distancing and face coverings are required at all times in library facilities.

Check hours

Reserving Study Rooms

Individual students will still be able to reserve library study rooms and other areas that don’t require scheduler approval. Please note that there are revised “physical distancing” capacities for every room, indicating how many people can use a room while maintaining six feet of separation between each person. Rooms may be reserved via EMS.

Go to EMS

Cleanliness and Sanitization

As shared-use spaces, responsibility for maintaining their cleanliness and safety is a shared responsibility. Cleaning supplies are provided within each space and will be regularly replenished by custodial staff. Students who use these spaces should sanitize before and after use to protect both themselves and those who follow.

Custodial staff will clean and disinfect these spaces outside of the buildings' regular hours.

    Rules for Study Spaces

    • Face coverings are required.
    • Maintain 6-feet of physical distance.
    • Work surfaces and high-touch surfaces (e.g. chairs, door knobs) must be cleaned prior to and after each session.
    • Follow guidelines for the newly reduced occupancy of the classroom.
    • No food is allowed in these classrooms, but water bottles and covered cups are welcome.

    Shared Materials

    To reduce the risk of virus transmission, study spaces will not be outfitted with shared materials such as white board markers, chalk, erasers, etc.

    Students who wish to utilize classroom boards should bring their own materials.