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Summer Language Scholarships

Students speak with a local shopowner in a foreign market

About the Scholarship

Lampert summer language scholarships support participation in intensive foreign language programs. They are ideal for students who are:
  • seeking immersive classroom experiences
  • planning research projects abroad
  • preparing for a study group
  • studying languages not currently taught at Colgate
  • wishing to study beyond levels currently offered at the university


Current Colgate students who will be returning in the coming academic year are eligible. Graduating seniors are not eligible.

Priority for scholarships will be given to students:
  • receiving financial aid at Colgate;
  • requesting to study language study and travel in the following regions (languages and study in other regions will also be considered):
    • Africa
    • Asia
    • the Middle East
    • South/Central America

What Does a Scholarship Cover?

Up to $5,000 to support the costs of the intensive language summer program and/or travel to the program.

For More Information

Contact Angela Carrizosa Aparicio, program coordinator for the Lampert Institute and Center for International Programs, at

Qualifying Language Programs

Language programs located both within the U.S. and abroad may qualify. Students should work with faculty to select a reputable language program that fills the student's curricular needs.

See a full list of recommended summer language programs here.

Applying for a Summer Language Scholarship

All materials listed below should be sent in PDF format to Angela Carrizosa Aparicio (

Deadline: February 5, 2018

To include in your application

A personal statement
Describe the program in which you would like to participate and the reasons for doing so. Please provide specific details, including the name and description of the program, dates of participation, the level of language instruction offered at the program, and the estimated costs of the program (including travel costs). You must list an alternative program as a back-up. Also discuss your goals for participating in the program, and how the program will supplement your academic plan. Please indicate in the statement if you are on financial aid. Limit your personal statement to one page. If relevant, please indicate the other sources of Colgate funding that you are applying for to support your summer language program (e.g., Career Services, summer research).
One faculty letter of recommendation
The letter should be from a Colgate faculty member, providing a rationale for participating in the language program and an assessment of the student’s ability for successfully completing the program. The letter should be e-mailed directly to Angela Carrizosa (
The Language Council at Colgate will review student proposals and make funding decisions.

Transfer Credit

  • To transfer credit back to Colgate, prior to the beginning of the program you must work with the registrar’s office to get pre-approval according to Colgate's transfer credit policies.
  • Transfer credit that is not pre-approved by Colgate will not be considered after the program is complete.
  • Upon completion of the intensive summer language program, students will be asked to write a brief report about their experience.