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Center for Freedom and Western Civilization Programs

Program on Security and Democracy

FormerProfessor Alexander Nakhimovskyly known as Project Afghanistan, this program is directed by Professor Alexander 'Sasha' Nakhimovsky.  It sponsors events on the topics of national security, the American military, foreign policy, and democratic development in countries around the world.

Program on Classical Studies

Robert Garland, Roy D. & Margaret B. Wooster Professor of The Classics The Program on Classical Studies is directed by Professor Robert Garland, Roy D. and Margaret B. Wooster Professor of The Classics.  Known for his popular lecture series in the Great Courses, Professor Garland has developed a creative project on the life and death of Socrates: a video with sound narration and music on Plato's Apology that is entitled, "Socrates on Death Row."  It will be a teaching resource for Colgate's core curriculum, Core 151, 'Legacies of the Ancient World' and will be viewed in the Ho Center's Visualization Lab by students and the public.  Robert's goal is to make the classics of Greek and Roman philosophy come alive for modern audiences.

Program on Constitutional Government

Stanley BrubakerThe Program in Constitutional Government is directed by Professor Stanley Brubaker, Professor of Political Science. Professor Brubaker starts our lecture series every year with a Constitution Day Debate on September 17, on the legal and constitutional issues surrounding important topics of the day.

Program on Economic Freedom

Chad SparberThe Program on Economic Freedom is directed by Professor Chad Sparber, Professor and chair of Economics. Professor Sparber has worked to bring speakers on immigration, the economics of philanthropy and altruism, the international debt crisis, and the virtues of free enterprise.

Program on Western Art and Culture

carolynThe Program on Western Art and Culture is directed by Associate Professor Carolyn C. Guile, an expert in art history and winner of a Fulbright scholarship for her research (supported by the Center) on church architecture in Poland. She sponsored Professor Michael Danti's lecture on destruction of cultural antiquities in Syria by ISIS and drew a very strong response from students and faculty.

Program on Race and Public Policy

Professor Nina MooreThe Program on Race and Public Policy is directed by Professor Nina Moore, Professor of Political Science.

Program on Philosophy and Religion

David DudrickThe Program on Philosophy and Religion is co-directed by David Dudrick, George Carleton Jr. Professor of Philosophy, Director, Sophomore Residential Scholars Program; and Jacob Klein, Associate Professor of Philosophy.