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Instructors and Class Descriptions

Becky Gough

Becky GoughPilates: Using body weight and light props, Pilates is a low-impact workout to help gain flexibility, range of motion, and core strength. All skill levels are welcome.

Yoga: A vinyasa (movement between poses) flow style class. This class will help increase strength and flexibility. The body serves as a gateway to the mind. It will begin to help develop self awareness, mindfulness, compassion, and relaxation skills. All skill levels are welcome - modifications shown.

Spinning: Group indoor cycling - this class is great for those looking to sweat and to be entertained. Approximately a 40 minute ride through instructed varying terrain to simulate hills and flat roads. Intensified by the music and camaraderie, this workout is sure to scorch some calories. Please bring a water bottle and towel. All skill levels are welcome.

Marit Vangrow

Marit Vangrow

Yoga Sculpt: A total body workout set to energizing music and is designed to tone and sculpt every major muscle group. This class works to boost your metabolism, while also improving your strength and flexibility. Strength-training exercises are incorporated to build lean muscle mass.

Jason Shumaker

Jason Shumaker 2

Fit360: This class will consist of high repetition, low weight exercises targeting all the major muscle groups. The music sets the tempo and helps motivate a fitter, leaner, stronger you. All skill levels are welcome - let's do it.

Christine Moskell


Jazzercise Dance Mixx: A high intensity mix of dance-based cardio and strength training for a calorie-crushing total body workout. We rock it out with fresh pulse-pounding music to target the 3 major muscle groups—upper body, abs and legs—so you’ll feel it where you need it. Easy to follow verbal cues provided so that you can dance your way through this workout. All skills levels welcome.

Mary Thomas

Mary Thomas

AB Lab: A strength and endurance workout that concentrates on all sides of the core (and everything attached) with a focus on developing strong abdominal muscles and a healthy back.

Jenny Pennington

Jenny P

Zumba: Zumba is a fun, dance fitness class that focuses on music and movement. My classes are high-energy, full-body workouts that also incorporate flexibility and core-strength. Suitable for all skill levels.

Sean Boise

Sean Boise

Shred: A high intensity, interval style class that combines weighted exercises with cardio and core movements for a full body workout. All skill levels are welcome.

Harper Loeb


Yoga: A power vinyasa- style class that blends the mindfulness of yoga with engagement for every muscle group. These postures are meant to increase strength and flexibility in the body, while delivering presence for the mind. All skill levels are welcome; intensifications and modifications offered.

Maggie Larsen


Yoga: ​Exercise your mind and body in this restorative power flow vinyasa class. Turn stress into sweat and take a healthy break from the chaos of your busy life. This class is intended for all levels of experience; all yogis are welcome! We will have fun and reap the physical and mental benefits of yoga.

Abe Benghiat

Abe Benghiat

Power Spin: Participants aim to improve their spin technique while simultaneously receiving a hard workout.  Advanced Spinning uses Power, Cadence, and Heart Rate to focus on obtaining better form so you can ride harder and longer.  This class is always set to a video of cycling, which will include epic hill climbs, races, and even just rides around the Hamilton area.

Taylor Joan Babbitt

Taylor Joan Babbitt

Spinning: My spin class is challenging both in resistance and pace. I focus mainly on hills to build endurance and incorporate some sprints to keep the heart rate high. Expect to challenge yourself and exceed your own expectations in my class!

Emma Veber


Spinning: Each class has a balance of climbs and sprints in order to build muscle and get a great cardio workout. The movements and instruction in my class try to simulate real cycling and push each participant to meet their threshold. It is a challenge, but you will leave knowing you got in a great workout and had a lot of fun doing it! 

Kristen Cusumano

Kristen C

Spinning: My class is driven by music. Expect a mix of all types of rides: hills, sprints, and jumps, all focused on the beat of the music, forcing you to keep up with the rhythm and push through every phase of the ride. Even the hardest workouts can be made fun with the help of a good playlist!

Bryan Acevedo


Full Body Combat: This routine utilizes mixed martial arts (MMA) techniques and exercises to increase cardiovascular endurance, strength, muscle, and to burn fat. All skill levels welcome!

Lesley Chapman


Spinning: I believe everyone, no matter what age, shape, size, or experience level, can be an athlete. This class, based in outdoor cycling training methods, focuses on efficiency of movement and proper cycling technique for improved cardio conditioning and endurance, as well as mental focus and positive motivation. We will use cadence and wattage to ensure that everybody is challenged to do their best and make steady improvements in fitness over the course of the semester. All are welcome!

Caroline Danehy


Yoga: This practice of yoga is inspired by Hatha Vinyasa, focusing on releasing different lines of energy within the body. The class will be fun and calming to help you feel centered and refocused! During the class, there will be a combination of flow, stretching and toning for people of all levels. By connecting the breath with movement, you will leave the class feeling a greater connection with your body. 

Laurel Stine

Laurel Stine

Cardio Kickboxing: A high intensity workout that combines kickboxing, Pilates, and full body muscle conditioning to create lean and strong muscles and improve cardiovascular endurance. Half of the class will consist of choreographed moves to get the heart rate up and the other half are drills meant to strengthen the whole body.