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Residential Commons

Colgate's living and learning program houses first-years and sophomores and supports students throughout their college years by fostering a welcoming, enriching, and supportive community.
The Commons, launched in 2015, help foster a sense of belonging by connecting students with members of Colgate's faculty and staff, and provide a rich set of programs available to all residents.

A student's Residential Commons membership is determined by the building where they are assigned to live in their first year. Housing assignments for new students are made using the housing preference information they submit to Residential Life in the summer before they arrive at Colgate. Currently (through 2018–19), first-year students in a commons have the option to remain there as sophomores. Beginning in 2019–2020, all sophomores will be affiliated with a commons.

The four Residential Commons available to students are:
Brown Commons
Andrews Hall in the fall

Facilities: Andrews Hall, East Hall, Gate House, New Residence Hall A, 110 Broad Street, 100 Hamilton Street
Leaders: Jeff Bary, Mary Simonson, Chimebere Nwaoduh, Maria Dascalu
Named For: Coleman B. Brown

Dart Colegrove Commons
Stillman Hall

Facilities: New Residence Hall B, Stillman Hall and West Hall
Leaders: April Baptiste, Aurelius Henderson, Amanda Stewart, Genesis Palacios
Named For: Mabel Dart Colegrove

Ciccone Commons
A clock outside Curtis and Drake Halls

Facilities: Curtis Hall, Drake Hall, 102 Broad Street
Leaders: Rebecca Shiner, Mark Shiner, Victoria Ruibal, Christine John
Named For: Diane Ciccone ’74, P’10

Hancock Commons
Bryan Complex

Facilities: Bryan Complex, 94 Broad Street
Leaders: Antonio Barrera, Pilar Mejía Barrera, Amanda Stewart, Timothy Howard
Named For: Gordon Blaine Hancock


Each residential commons offers an array of intellectual, recreational, and social activities. All programs are optional, and students can pick and choose events based on their interests — from trivia nights to thought–provoking group discussions, and from team-building activities to special outings.
Recent Events
  • Faculty Dinner Series “What Do We Owe to the World? Responsibility to Ourselves, Our Families, and Our Communities,” with Beth Parks (physics)
  • “How I Became Passionate About Music & Conducting,” with Ryan Endris (music)
  • Art Fest Student art exhibition and sales
  • The Colombian Peace Protest: A View From Up Close
  • Mindfulness–Based Stress–Reduction Course
  • Halloween Soiree Karaoke, mask making, costume contests,trivia, improv, and music
  • Apple Picking
  • Coffeehouse Music Nights

Social Houses

Affiliated social houses on Broad Street provide both spaces for larger events than residence halls can accommodate and opportunities for commons members to interact with older students.
Ciccone commons students
"The community is vibrant; I can stroll into the common room and find many of my friends from around the building. People are making friendships that will last throughout their college careers."

1 2 3 5 4 6 7 12 9 10 8 11 13 Biology professor Engda Hagos pals around with a student at a student-faculty dinner event. A picnic celebrating the birthday of Diane Ciccone ’74, P’10, the Ciccone Commons’ namesake. From faculty dinners to apple picking to group discussions, commons events are opportunities to get to know your neighbors. Valentine’s Day Eve party, featuring trivia, student bands — and a chocolate fountain “People are making friendships that will last throughout their college career.” - Jack Wallan ’19 Final exam study break provisions in Ciccone Commons