Estimated Cost of Attendance, 2023-24

The figures below are estimated, pending final approval by the Board of Trustees in March 2023. 

Estimated Billed Charges (On-Campus)

  First-Years & Sophomores Juniors & Seniors
Tuition $66,622 $66,622
Housing $8,108 $8,786
Food $8,682 (first-year students, sophomores, and anyone living in traditional residence halls are required to enroll in the Premier meal plan $8,682*
Student Activity Fee $402 $402
Total Billed Charges $83,814 $84,492

*Cost of Premier meal plan. For juniors/seniors who choose a lower cost meal plan or do not enroll in a meal plan, the same amount will be allotted in the cost of attendance to determine financial aid eligibility.

Estimated Non-Billed Costs

Books and Supplies $1,524
Domestic Travel $600+ (depending on state of residence)
Personal $1,082
Average Loan Fees $50
Total Non-billed Costs $3,256 (Non-billed costs will vary based on personal choices)

*Although personal costs may vary from student to student, these non-billed expenses are included in the total cost of attendance for your planning purposes and in the financial aid eligibility calculation.

Estimated Total Cost of Attendance            (On-Campus)

  First-Years & Sophomores Juniors & Seniors 
Billed charges + non-billed costs* $87,070 $87,748


*Does not include additional student charges noted below, as those do not apply to all students.

Additional Student Charges

One-Time Transcript Fee


To be determined; was $50 for 2022-23 (charged only in the first semester of attendance)

Student Health Insurance  (may be waived with proof of sufficient coverage)


To be determined; was $2,296 for 2022-23