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Extended Study to South Africa

ANTH 330: Deep Time: Representing the Human Past in Contemporary South Africa
Directors: Professors Mary MoranSociology & Anthropology, and Jordan KerberSociology & Anthropology
On-campus course: Spring 2019
Tentative travel dates: May 21–June 11, 2019
Course credit: One credit

On-campus class followed by three weeks in South Africa


CORE 190 or CORE 189/ALST 201 or ANTH 102 or ANTH 103 or ANTH 300

This course will focus on how the “deep African past” has been imagined and represented by authoritative knowledge-producing institutions including academic disciplines like Anthropology and Archaeology, museums, and site-specific public education projects. The course will also consider how authoritative interpretations of “the past” reflect contemporary political and nationalist interests, biases, and knowledge-producing projects. The course asks how some indigenous peoples become enshrined as exemplars of the generalized human past, and how their representation shifts with changing views of human nature. The three-week extended study component in South Africa will visit museums (including Apartheid Museum, University of Witwatersrand Anthropology Museum and Origins Centre, Cradle of Humankind, Maropang Visitor Centre, Iziko South Africa Museum and Slave Lodge Museum, District Six Museum, !Khwa ttu Cultural and Educational Center), archaeological sites (including Sterkfontein Caves, Cederberg Mountains rock art, Elands Bay Cave Site), and historical monuments to more recent events in the history of that country (including Constitution Hill, District Six, Prestwich Memorial, Robbin Island).