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Extended Study to Italy

CORE SP 106: Saving the Appearances: Galileo, The Church, and the Scientific Endeavor & ITAL121: Elementary Italian I

On-campus seminar followed by three-week extended study in Italy

Director: Professor Jeff Bary, Department of Physics and Astronomy, and Professor Monica Facchini, Department of Romance Languages
On-campus course: Spring 2017
Tentative extended study dates: May 14 - June 5, 2017
Course credit: 0.5 credit
Prerequisites: CORE SP 106 and ITAL 121
Application deadline: November 4, 2016

After a semester devoted to the appreciation of Galileo Galilei’s work, discoveries and political and social adventures, through this extended study in Italy, students will have the chance to visit the places where Galileo lived and worked and come face to face with the intellectual, and cultural legacy he left behind.  These experiences will enrich the students’ appreciation of the cultural significance of Galileo’s work in astronomy, physics, and theology as well as improve their Italian language skills and cultural knowledge.

Many aspects of Italian culture from today and during the time of Galileo including language, art, music, architecture, landscapes, food, and drink are important to appreciating and understanding the Galileo Affair. This is why for this extended study the link between Saving the Appearances: Galileo, The Church, and the Scientific Endeavor (Core SP 106) and Elementary Italian Language (ITAL 121) proves crucial in providing students with a historical narrative of the evolution of Catholic Church doctrine, the epistemology of modern science.