After being awarded the career-defining "Copé de Oro" Prize in 2005, Zegarra has continued to write books of original poetry. His latest volume, which has recently been published in Peru, is titled Objetos sin casta [Classless Objects]. José Antonio Mazzotti, Professor of Spanish at Tufts University, has praised the book with these words:

"Something is disturbing in Zegarra’s poetry. After publishing five poetry books, this anthology, which includes slight corrections to the originals and a (dis)order that defies chronology, contains some of the most dazzling poems of the so-called Peruvian generation of the 1990s. But this is not only due to the skillful style of the texts, which are crafted with a great sense of rhythm and distribution of images: there is in them the depth and nerve that make a good poem a striking poem. In this compilation, Gothic atmospheres, cemeteries, hospitals and places of suffering surface in general, as if the poet’s exile had been internalized and served to build an alternative world, almost like the negative of a photograph in which the ghosts of the past and the predators of the present stick out through its shadows: loneliness, injustice, pain, lack of understanding. It is undoubtedly one of the most valuable and powerful voices of the recent generations of Peruvian poets" (Translated from the Spanish by Jonathan Suarez '20).