This information is part of the Colgate University catalog, 2020–21.

Coordinator Barreto

Latin America has a complex history, a variety of cultures and political systems, arts and literature of international stature, and an important place in world affairs. The ALST Latin American concentration offers students the opportunity to undertake a comparative and interdisciplinary study of Latin American society and culture, drawing from such disciplines as anthropology, archaeology, art and art history, economics, geography, history, literature and literary criticism, political science, and music.

For more information about the program, honors/high honors, transfer credit, etc., visit the  page.

Major Requirements

The requirements for the ALST major with a concentration in Latin American studies are as follows:

Required Courses

Four Electives

Should be chosen in consultation with the coordinator. Of the four electives, at least two courses must be at the 300 level or higher.  

Additional Elective

One additional 200- or 300-level elective must be selected from any area of the program outside of the student's primary concentration.

Senior Capstone Seminar

 is the senior capstone seminar and is required for all majors. In the event that  is not offered, students may substitute another seminar in consultation with the coordinator and the program director.

Honors and High Honors

Students interested in pursuing honors can find the additional requirements on the  program page.

Africana & Latin American Studies Program

For more information about the program, including Faculty, transfer credit, awards, etc., please visit the  program page.