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Physics and Astronomy Seminars and Events

Each semester we host a number of academic seminars and events that expand upon and enrich our classroom.

Fall 2017 Seminars

Seminars begin at 11:30 a.m. in the Meyerhoff Auditorium (101 Ho Science Center) - unless specified otherwise. More details will be added to this schedule as they become available throughout the semester.

August 31

Physics and Astronomy Meet & Greet, with summer student researchers' poster session.
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September 5

11th Annual Ho Symposium. Physics and Astronomy presenter:  Cooper Conran '18, Ghost imaging.
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September 12

Joe Eakin, Ho Tung Visualization Lab, Black holes, eclipses, and updates.  Meet in the VisLab. 
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September 26

Silver Onyango, Mbarara University of Science and Technology, Uganda, Particle pollution in Uganda:  observations and implications.
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September 28 (note the Thursday 4:15 start time)

William Hartmann, Planetary Science Institute, The Moon:  where did it come from? 
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October 3

Mitch Soderberg, Syracuse University, Particle prospecting:  digging for discovery with neutrinos.
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October 17

Jenny Magnes, Vassar College, Temporal diffraction signals of live C. elegans.
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October 24

Charles Collett, Hamilton College. Extending quantum coherence through clock transitions in molecular nanomagnets.
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October 31

Walter Tangarife, Colgate University. Dark Matter: From the WIMP Paradigm to Hidden Sectors
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November 7

Patrick Crotty, Colgate University. What (maybe) happened right after the Big Bang. Seminar will begin with the Sigma Pi Sigma Honor Society Induction Ceremony where 11 deserving students will be inducted.
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November 14

Nathan Swift '11, Hedgemon. Physics and Entrepreneurship
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November 28

Margery Gardner, Department of Education, Colgate University. Transforming science education: Engaging students through social action and inquiry
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December 5

Scott Watson, Syracuse University. Primordial Black Holes, Dark Matter, and the Post-Inflationary Universe
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