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Martin Wong, Bruce Selleck & William Peck with our 2013 award recipients
Colgate Geology alums working at ExxonMobil in Houston
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    Ach, Jay 1977 Still plugging away as an environmental manager at the Port of San Francisco, where I now deal in kilovolts and megawatts, having managed recently the design & installation of 2 shoreside power systems. These systems allow cruise ships and other large vessels to plug into the city's power grid then shutdown onboard generation, thereby hugely reducing air emissions. A far cry from igneous geochemistry, but geology taught me well how to figure stuff out I haven't previously dealt with, a universally applicable skill.

    I keep in contact with geology on a daily basis, however, having been married now for 15 years to Karen Grove, sedimentology prof and current Earth & Climate Sci. Dept. chair at SF State. Who else would agree that spending a few weeks in AK on the Juneau Icefield Research Program sounds like a great summer vacation this year? Contact: (submitted to 2014 newsletter)

    Barr, Jay 2004 For those I have not yet met or those with which I have been delinquent at keeping in touch, I am now located in the Houston, TX area. I finished my Ph.D at MIT in 2010, took a 10 month vacation to dig minerals/fossils/artifacts and do some hiking around the USA, and then started my job at ExxonMobil. Last month, my wife Megan and I were married in the Black Hills of South Dakota, and we are looking forward to a summer of home improvements, so stop on by! (submitted to 2014 newsletter)

    Bason, Roger 1972: Natural Currents (NC) is a renewable energy company with a focus on the development of technology and sites that produce electricity from the lateral movement of the tides. With over 10 years of development, Natural Currents is preparing commercial ready technology with a final series of testing in the US and Europe. Present projects include a US DOE funded renewable energy park project in cooperation with the NYC Dept of Parks and Recreation on Randall's Island at Hell Gate in the East River to include combined power from wind, solar and tidal technologies. During the summer of 2012, NC is completing work in the UK for the Duchy of Cornwall to evaluate tidal power potential on the River Tamar. As president of Natural Currents, Roger Bason has worked with Interns from 18 Colleges and Universities to introduce students to the emerging field of tidal energy site evaluation and technology development. (submitted to 2012 newsletter)

    Battles, Denise 1985: After seven years in Colorado, my husband Michael Mills and I recently ac- cepted positions at the University of North Carolina Wilmington, where I will serve as Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and he will have a faculty appointment. Along with my administrative role, I will also hold the rank of Professor in the Department of Geography and Geology. We look forward to our new positions and encourage visitors to the Wilmington area to drop us a line. (submitted to 2012 newsletter)

    Beardslee, Paul 1959: I have a “peculiar” connection with a current headliner, namely the Marcellus shale/gas operations. Back in the early 60’s, following 2 years as an earth science teacher, I took a position with a small Texas based Oil Co. My job - leasing land in upstate NY in preparation for expanding old gas fields, via “fracturing,” I averaged 4000 acres per month for 2 years. I left before anything happened to enter the college admissions world (spent 28 years at several colleges, ending as Dean of Admissions at Shippensburg). I worked with Monmouth Coll (Ill); Muskingum (OH); Franklin and Marshall (PA) Susquehanna U (PA); Georgetown U (DC) and Shippensburg. (submitted to 2012 newsletter)

    Beck, Christina Viviano 2006 After finishing my postdoc at the JHU Applied Physics Laboratory, I am now a staff scientist at the lab and continue to perform research involving near-infrared spectroscopy of the surface of Mars. I will be celebrating my first anniversary this summer with my new husband (and fellow planetary scientist), Andrew. (submitted to 2014 newsletter)

    Bernstein, Michael 2007: Received his M.S. in Environmental Policy from Bard College in May 2012. Bishop, John 1980 Joined Ironman Capital Management in Houston. Ironman was founded by fellow Colgate alum Bryan Dutt. We run several energy investment funds including a public company long/short fund and two private and thinly traded company private equity style funds. (submitted to 2012 newsletter)

    Blair Whitman, Susanna 2003 Susanna completed a PhD in geology at the University of Florida in Spring of 2014. She was awarded the Geological Society of America Congressional Science Fellowship and will be working on Capitol Hill starting the fall of 2014. She will be working with a senator or on a committee as a science staffer. Also, Susanna and her husband Ed Dunne, welcomed their daughter Aileen in April 2014. It was a really busy spring semester! (submitted to 2014 newsletter)

    Bocinski, Jesse 2004 Jesse Bocinski '04 and Sarah Gonzalez Bocinski '03 welcomed a new baby boy, Henry Arthur Bocinski, into their family in February. They are looking forward to playing with dinosaur toys and fossil hunting. (submitted to 2014 newsletter)

    Bozek, Cathy 1999: I'm really enjoying my job as an Aquatic Ecologist at The Nature Conservancy in Massachusetts, working on dam removal and river restoration projects. I'm getting married this summer, and looking forward to some traveling in the near future! (submitted to 2014 newsletter)

    Brackett, Chapin 1998: My son is 2 years old and is keeping us very busy. He is really into throwing rocks and continually asks "what is this". Sadly, my ability to identify rock types has diminished since my days in Lathrop. We built nine raised beds this Spring and the output from our gardening hobby is beginning to hit our plates (raspberries, cucumbers, peas, lettuce, and carrots so far). (submitted to 2014 newsletter)

    Butterworth, Craig 1991: Wife Hina Kato and I married six years ago. Our first - son Liam - was born June 30, 2011. Still collecting sand samples from worldwide beach, river (and some constructions sites) I've visited. Latest one is river sediment from Taman Negara Rainforest, Malaysia. (submitted to 2012 newsletter)

    Byrne, Catherine Healy 2002 Brian Byrne '04 and I have two beautiful little girls, Bridget (3yo) and Mary (11 months ) and we are expecting our third baby late August 2014. We are excited to bring our little ones to campus soon and experience many more reunions together! (submitted to 2014 newsletter)

    Clarke, Steve 1983 Life is good living in Atlanta with my wife and 2 children. My job takes me around the country and I get out to the field quite a bit (albeit at landfills, transfer stations, recycling facilities, and collection companies). I keep in touch with several Colgate Geology Grads, including Bob North, Jay Cerny, Karl Van Keuren, Dave Maclean, and Allen Dennis, mostly thru facebook. Hey to all others from the classes of 82 thru 84. (submitted to 2014 newsletter)

    Conklin, George 1963: Although I did not pursue geology as a profession, I am still interested in keeping up with current developments, since I graduated "BCD," or Before Continental Drift!! This past year I attended the Carolina Geological Society's annual field trip. Given the boom in shale gas and its development, the emphasis was on North Carolina's Cumnock formation, which is known to produce natural gas. Due to an accidental legal situation which insisted that wells drilled in the state must be with five degrees of vertical, fracking was forbidden. Further, the Cumnock formation has only enough projected yield for five years, making it economically marginal. However, the state legislature has just now legalized fracking, probably as much for ideological reasons as economic ones. So, politics and geology continue on. (submitted to 2012 newsletter)

    Doren, Emily Constantine 2004: I have been working for Ecology and Environment for the past four and a half years (two years in DC and now back home in the Buffalo area). Much of my work is permitting and writing environmental reports for large, interstate natural gas pipelines. Recently I have been working on a regional sustainability plan in Western New York. I met my husband Jesse while working in the US Antarctic Program, after a trip to Antarctica with Amy Leventer during my junior year led to an internship and then a job after graduating from Colgate. A couple of years after my graduation, I was able to work with Amy and a group of Colgate students as a marine technician on one of Amy's research cruises. Our lives recently got exponentially better when we welcomed our son Elliott in September of 2011. He is awesome. (submitted to 2012 newsletter)

    Dutt, G. Bryan 1981: Launching another private equity fund, Ironman PI II to take advantage of opportunities in North American natural gas. (submitted to 2012 newsletter)

    Dwyer, Luke 2002: Greetings from Boston! In September I accepted a position with the Boston University Athletic Department as an assistant business manager. It has been a very exciting time to be a terrier! The university recently accepted an offer to join the Patriot League and will be competing against Colgate in all sports but men's and women's ice hockey. We recently broke ground on a new turk field which will bring our field hockey team back on campus after an 11 year hiatus. Additionally BU recently announced the addition of a men's lacrosse team and a women's light weight rowing team starting in 2014 and 2013, respectively. A lot happening on Commonwealth Ave! Jane Murray ('02) and I are enjoying our small apartment in South Boston. She also started a new job recently, accepting a position with Massachusetts General Hospital last July. Finally we were excited to see Juli Jansing ('02) in Boston last month on what is becoming an annual visit to Boston. Hope all is well! (submitted to 2012 newsletter)

    Ebbott, Kendrick 1983 I've been living in Plymouth, WI for the past 20 years doing environmental investigation and remediation work, primarily in glacial deposits.
    Looking forward to becoming an empty nester this fall, with my youngest heading off to Santa Clara University, CA as a freshman. We are anticipating a tough year with three kids in college, but it should be fun to go and visit. (submitted to 2014 newsletter)

    Fell, Karen 1979 Gosh, still married (Eric Evenson), kids in college (Michael and Jesse at Penn State), still working at NJ DEP in the Drinking Water Program where I work with fellow geologists Dave Haymes (84) and Jane Kozinski (82). Went to reunion in May and it seems like everyone was a geology major (Walt Steinmann, Veda Hackell, Claudia Dricot (honorary))! New Ho Building is awesome! Greetings to Kerry Inman! (submitted to 2014 newsletter)

    Foss, David 1991 I am busy with Brownfields development in Mass.; helping cities & towns turn blight into benefit, working with US EPA. Kelly & I are well, putting lots of miles on our bikes & Brooks. Finished my 1st marathon in 2013. Our kids have become engaging adolescents. Fun to watch them grow more independent. The house is full of art and music (of better quality than I could create). Please reach out by e-mail or LinkedIn. I'd be glad to hear from our early 1990s crew. Cheers! (submitted to 2014 newsletter)

    Fountain, John 1985 I am officially retiring July 10th, 2014 from the Suffolk County Police Department Crime Scene Section. My wife, Donna, and I will be moving to coastal North Carolina where I will continue to run my Kite Boarding School. Looking forward to Kiting, Surfing, Mountain Biking, Snowboarding and Golf on a regular basis. (submitted to 2014 newsletter)

    Freccia, Samuel 2012 After spending the past two years working as an Assistant Director of Ad- missions at Colby College in Waterville, ME, I will be moving to Seattle, WA in August 2014 to become a College Counselor at Lakeside School. (submitted to 2014 newsletter)

    Fredricks, Jason 2009 Is attending CU-Boulder. (submitted to 2014 newsletter)

    Frisch, Lauren 2012: This May I graduated with a master's in environmental policy from the Bard Center for Environmental Policy. Molly Gilligan ('13) is currently also involved in the program! (submitted to 2014 newsletter)

    Geraghty, Ennis 1969 I am the 2014 recipient of the Uuno Sahinen Silver Medallion from the Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology at Montana Tech. This award acknowledges "outstanding contributions in understanding and development of energy, mineral, or groundwater resources in Montana" and is given to an outstanding geologist each year. Please see attached link I was at Colgate from 1965 to 1969. While there, I had the great fortune to study under some excellent professors: Robert Linsley was the Chairman of the Department; Jim McLelland, Al Parker, Jonathan Swinchatt, and Blaine Cecil. In fact, Jim is one of the main reasons I chose geology as my major. I remember one of his fascinating lectures on Continental Drift in a Core 11 class (Physical Science for non-majors) that swayed me to Geology. As you can see, I'm so old I predate Plate Tectonics! After Colgate, I was at Syracuse University from 1969 to 1976. I did both a Master's thesis and Doctoral dissertation at Syracuse. Both projects included outcrop field mapping in the Adirondack Mountains at scales 1:24,000 and 1:16,000 in Meso-Proterozoic, shelf sequence and igneous rocks metamorphosed to upper granulite-facies grade in a multiply folded nappe terrane. My Mas- ter's thesis was titled "Stratigraphy, Structure, and Petrology of Part of the North Creek 15' Quad- rangle, Southeastern Adirondack Mountains, New York". My Doctoral dissertation was ti- tled "Structure, Stratigraphy, and Petrology of Part of the Blue mountain 15' Quadrangle, Central Adirondack Mountains, New York". As you can see also, I'm old enough to pre-date 7.5' quadrangle maps in the Adirondacks!! (submitted to 2014 newsletter)

    Gilligan, Molly 2013 As part of my Master's in Environmental Poligy program, I am curretnly interning at IUCN in their Global Gender Office based in DC. While here, I met a Colgate Geology alumnae, Martha McConnell, who is IUCN's Polar Programme Manager! She mentioned that she attended Colgate when Rich, Bruce, Connie and Di were all there - so that's fun!! (submitted to 2014 newsletter)

    Glotch, Timothy 1999: I've been a geology professor at Stony Brook University on Long Island since 2007. My research primarily involves using laboratory visible and infrared spectroscopy of geologic materials, meteorites, and lunar samples to quantitatively interpret remote sensing data from the Moon, Mars, and asteroids. That's been a lot of fun! (submitted to 2014 newsletter)

    Gonzales, Amy Baldwin 1981: My company, AK Environmental, LLC, just celebrated 10 years! We have been on the Women President Organization's 50 Fastest Growing companies for the past three years....should be another stellar year this year! Who would have thought that when Bruce Selleck was talking about that wedge of Marcellus Shale, it would be a big part of where my busi- ness would take me? No space for pro vs anti fracking discussions here - maybe at the next reunion? I am now a Certified Professional in Erosion and Sediment Control, so I know how dirt moves. My husband and I are building a house in Taos, New Mexico and looking forward to hiking and skiing in the mountains. (submitted to 2012 newsletter)

    Guyton, Steve 1959 Oil and gas business going strong in midland!! (submitted to 2014 newsletter)

    Hakes, Bill 1968 After about 30 years searching for oil and gas and getting some of it out of the ground, I left a US major in Aberdeen and moved to London where I have been doing some consulting in E&P and software development and utilisation. (submitted to 2014 newsletter)

    Hausman, Alyssa 2009 Final semester at IU and I have loved my time there. I've spent my summer interning at NOAA's Office o National Marine Sanctuaries and it has been by far the best internship that I have had. There is a wide range of interns, from high school to grad students and I think it would be a great opportunity for a Colgate student. The link is , just in case. I also recently found out that I will have a year-long fellow- ship in marine policy with the federal government after graduation. (submitted to 2014 newsletter)

    Hayes, Mark 1998: The big news since the last newsletter is the arrival of two daughters. I'm sure I was delinquent in writing in about Zoe, who's now 2.5 years. Our second daughter Anna was born last September. I also recently transitioned to manage portfolio strategy at the Stanford University endowment, where I had previously been responsible for the energy and resources portfolio. I now have to get my energy fix from dinner conversations with my wife, who recently started working at a research center at Stanford focused on renewable energy policy. I look forward to seeing old friends and lots of great changes on campus next year at Reunion! (submitted to 2012 newsletter)

    Hempton, Mark 1976 Still kicking in oil exploration and looking at new frontiers throughout the Americas. (submitted to 2014 newsletter)

    Henderson, Joseph 2003 I just finished an interdisciplinary PhD at the University of Rochester in environmental education. I am working on the sociocultural dimensions of ecological issues, mainly the energy system and climate change. I'll be at Colgate this summer to present some of this work as part of the environmental series and am looking forward to it! If you're interested in catching-up or collaborating, send an e-mail: (submitted to 2014 newsletter)

    Hibbard, Jim 1973: Recently (within the last year) ran into Rich Wiener ('73) who has retired from Exxon in Houston and is now living a life of leisure in Asheville, NC. (submitted to 2014 newsletter)

    Hoffman, John 1968: Still happily enjoying retirement in Lakeville, CT, filling my time with golf, gardening, reading and some volunteer work. Youngest son Graeme and his wife have move to Canton, NY (St. Lawrence University), so I now get to drive through the Adirondacks to visit the two year old grandson. Older son Michael and his wife have moved from Portland,OR to Austin, TX, and Sarah & I will visit them this fall. Looking forward to my next visit to the Linsley Museum. (submitted to 2014 newsletter)

    Hudson, Shelby 2002: Less than a year ago, I took a job at a Mitigation Planner/GIS Specialist at FEMA Region VIII. Most recently, I worked in response to Colorado wildfires assessing damages for grant funding allocation. Please get in touch in you are in the area! (submitted to 2012 newsletter)

    Hutton, Susan Corkran 1983: Greetings Geoheads young and old. Jim Hutton '84 and Susan Corkran Hutton '83 celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary by touring Iceland. We achieved a long term goal of standing on the Mid Atlantic Ridge. That dream had de- veloped in the halls of Lathrop way back in the early 80's. We saw incredible geology including columnar-jointing in basalts on a black sand beach. We climbed to the top of Eyjafjallajokull Glacier and peered down into the steaming volcanic vent. (The same vent that sent up the enormous vol- canic ash cloud that shut down air traffic over Europe in 2010) (submitted to 2012 newsletter)

    Jackson, Bill 1984: Last February I was a chaperone on a photography trip with students from Val- or Christian H.S. in Zion National Park, Utah. During breakfast at the hotel, who did I see? Bruce Selleck sporting his Colgate gear. Imagine my shock to find a geologist in a place with big and beautiful rocks! Bruce looked great, so did Zion. (submitted to 2012 newsletter)

    Karmosky, Chris 2004: I have accepted a tenure-track position at the University of Tennessee at Martin effective Fall 2012 as an Assistant professor of Meteorology. It's a small but growing program and is the only meteorology degree offered within the state of Tennessee. (submitted to 2012 newsletter)

    Karn, Darren 2005: It's been a few years! After working as an environmental geologist in Syracuse for three years, I moved back to Toronto in 2008 to take on an MBA. Despite my intentions to continue working in environmental consulting, I shifted gears and now research and teach management theory to high school students, undergrads, MBA students and executives in Toronto. The Colgate geology spirit, however, lives on - I keep my rock collection from the OC on display in my office! (submitted to 2012 newsletter)

    Kim, Jonathan 1981 Just finished my 18th year working for the Vermont Geological Survey. Our office in Waterbury was flooded out by Hurricane Irene in 2011 and, after two moves, is now in Montpelier. I have worked with Professor Keith Klepeis (Colgate 1986) and students from the University of Vermont on structural geology projects over the past 13 years. Still making bedrock geo- logic maps and doing lots of other field-based research. (submitted to 2014 newsletter)

    King, Marylynn 2006: This is my second year working for Backroads, an adventure travel company, and I've had the opportunity to be a part of cycling trips in the Netherlands, Belgium,and France in addition to hiking trips in Iceland. I am in the process of applying to graduate school in Physical Therapy to start in the fall of 2013. I continue to travel with an appreciation for the geologic pro- cesses that have helped shape our dynamic earth and lovesharing what I can with our eager guests. (submitted to 2012 newsletter)

    Kinsman, Nicole 2006: Still working as a coastal geologist for the state of Alaska - mapping some fantastically remote beaches. I recently became a storm chaser when we dashed out to measure storm surge heights during the Bering Sea Storm last November (2011) and I am also getting my very first taste of advising graduate students at UAF. Learning more all the time and looking forward to a visit back to Colgate soon! (submitted to 2012 newsletter)

    Knotts, Kelly Saunders 1997 My husband and I (and 2 children) will host the 5th Annual Jamie's Run this fall in Wethersfield, CT, to benefit childhood cancer research at Connecticut Children's Medical Center in memory of our infant daughter Jamie who passed away from cancer in 2010. Check out the website: If you live in the area consider running or walking in this amazing event. We raised over $100,000 so far. (submitted to 2014 newsletter)

    Kopf, Christopher 1990 Living in Corning, NY, with wife Marybeth Johnson ('90), our three sports-crazy sons, and numerous animals. Marcellus and Utica shale gas development have helped to grow the Geoscience program at Mansfield dramatically over the last several years which keeps things interesting and keeps me busy. We spend summers at our camp on Mayfield Lake in the southern Adirondacks (not far from the Chief's domain on Canada Lake!) and we love having guests so stop by if you are in the area. (submitted to 2014 newsletter)

    Krutikov, Lena 1997 Hi everyone! Great memories of Colgate geology in Hamilton and beyond... I'm working as a climate science analyst at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. I've been here for 11 years, married to a geologist, and we have a 2-year old who really loves (throwing) rocks. If you're ever in Fairbanks, please contact me and I'll give you a tour of our great schist, loess, gold, and beer. (submitted to 2014 newsletter)

    Kuhlman, Rob 1973 In 2014 finished up a multi-college NASA grant on developing curricular materials and courses on climate change science. Anticipating retirement at end of S'15. (submitted to 2014 newsletter)

    Laemmel, Bill 1956: We are astride the Fordham Gniess, ihwood limestone and lowerre quartzite mountain base of the taconian oregeny and the buff granite and black pyroxienite of the Cortland rectangle. Free tours available. Manhattan Schist also included. 914-271-8712.(submitted to 2014 newsletter)

    Lewis, Evan 1956 Wife passed away August, 2012, 9 children (1 boy-8 girls) 19 grandchildren, 9 great grandchildren, retired from golf and tennis in 2012. Have raised 7 golden retrievers. Volun- teered at Florida wildlife hospital for 9 years. Broke my right hip in February 2014. (submitted to 2014 newsletter)

    Lewis, Reed 1996: Still running my stores in Snowmass Village, CO (Daly Bottle Shop, Grain Gift Baskets & 81615 T.Shirts). Lucky to have had a chance to see first-hand the excavation and discovery of what has now been dubbed the Snowmastadon Project. Seeing a recently unearthed mother Columbian Mammoth still in situ was probably the highlight of my experiences here. At one point, they were finding a few bones every minute, as well as grasses and insects we well preserved they had maintained their original colors! (submitted to 2012 newsletter)

    Liebman, David 1976: In January, started new CRE brokerage/management firm for recently- acquired former Macy's/Marshall Field's Warehouse property on Chicago’s NW Side, a 1.5 million square foot industrial complex being redeveloped for mixed uses including industrial, call center, data center, self-storage, live/play/work units, destination grocery, destination restaurant, etc. Mostly I represent buyers & tenants in the purchase/renewal/lease restructuring/disposition of industrial properties in NE IL & SE WI. (submitted to 2014 newsletter)

    Luftglass, Bryan 1977 Relo'd to Big Cottonwood Canyon, Utah a.k.a. Heaven. (submitted to 2014 newsletter)

    Mangano, Emma Barth 2005 It has been quite a busy 2013 for me. I completed my MSN at the University of Maryland in May, passed my boards in July, and had my amazing daughter in August. Now I'm practicing as a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner with Lafferman & Associates. I spend my day doing psychiatric consults at different nursing homes in the Baltimore area. It's quite the change in pace from inpatient psychiatry. Miss everyone! (submitted to 2014 newsletter)

    May, Arthur A. 1965 Arthur’s widow, Donna, wrote with a sorrowful heart to inform us that Arthur passed away on May 16th, 2014. They celebrated 45 years of marriage and he was very much looking forward to returning for his 50th reunion at Colgate this next year. (submitted to 2014 newsletter)

    McCardell, Laurie 1979: I've been in Wyoming for over 20 years now, which feels like just an in- stant.........or forever, depending on the day. My husband Allan and I have 3 kids: 10, 12, and 16, and my life revolves around them. Summers are full of 4-H showing at fairs, camping trips with the horses, days at the lake/reservoirs, boating, and endless chores. Around here the Fall means hunting season, and the kids don't like store-bought meat any longer. We've tried to make our patch of desert along the North Platte River "pay" for itself with a few rent- al houses and a dog boarding kennel. Allan is away for months at a time working in North Dakota as a directional driller. I fill available time slots with gold prospecting, gold panning, and short stints working for gold exploration companies. I'm trying not to forget everything I ever learned at Colgate! (submitted to 2012 newsletter)

    McLenaghan, Natalie 2002: I just finished my first year of a PhD program in marine sciences at UGA, after spending some time in Montana doing stream ecology. If you're traveling through the balmy southeastern states anytime soon, let me know! I would love to reconnect with some old pals from the geology days. (submitted to 2012 newsletter)

    McKnight, Marshall 1983: My daughter, Sarah McKnight (Mt. Holyoke, 2011) continues her Fulbright research scholarship at the university of Jordan. She has finished six months of Arabic language study and now focuses on the Dead Sea Seismology’s quantitative analysis. (submitted to 2012 newsletter)

    Mecray, Ellen 1990: It’s been ages, let’s see: we do things in threes (3) - in 2008 I was married to Stephen Remsen, moved home to Falmouth from DC and changed jobs within NOAA. In 2010, we moved to Long Island with another new job in NOAA and had our daughter Lydia. In 2012, we are happily ensconced in my job as Regional Climate Sciences Director for NOAA’s Eastern Region (SC-ME), living in Falmouth, MA and enjoying life with Lydia and our 2 golden retrievers. Hello to all in 'Gate Geology! (submitted to 2012 newsletter)

    Meyers, Linda Chernak 2005: Not much new to report! I'm still living in Rochester, NY and working in admissions at RIT while my husband finishes up his residency in neurology. Looking forward to my 10-year reunion next year (hard to believe) and hope to see many of you there! (submitted to 2014 newsletter)

    Michaels, Julian 2011 Graduating with an MS from University of Colorado- Boulder in August 2014. Worked with carbonate petrologist Dr. David Budd. Thesis topic: FIB/SEM analysis of pore systems of the Niobrara Formation, DJ Basin, Colorado. Starting with Chesapeake Energy in Okla- homa City in September as a Geologist. (submitted to 2014 newsletter)

    Mitchell, Ray 1976 I retired after 29 years with ConocoPhillips, mostly consulting on carbonates (PHD Hopkins). Sue (née Hicks, '81) and I have been married 30 years and raised four boys, all now college grads. We moved to a house on Lake Champlain in Grand Isle, VT trading hot and dry (OK and Dubai) for cold and wet. Love being back in the NE. We saw Bruce and Nancy and the campus this spring, and hope to catch up with more Colgate friends in this part of the country. E-mail us at (submitted to 2014 newsletter)

    Newton, Alicia 2002 I'm still in London working at Nature Geoscience, handling papers on everything from paleoclimate to the generation of the geodynamo. I got married to Edwyn Mayhew (a lovely Brit with a background in graphic design) in September 2013 in Albany. (submitted to 2014 newsletter)

    Nolan, Chris 1983 I have been living in Salt Lake City for almost 20 years. As an environmental consultant, I work with developers building residential housing on heavy-metals impacted brownfields sites, a legacy of the smelting industry in the Salt Lake valley. (submitted to 2014 newsletter)

    O’Malley, Todd 1996 I moved back to the states from London at the start of 2011 and am living in north central NJ. I am running the commercial (trading) group at a domestic refining company. I would love to hear from former classmates. My e-mail is (submitted to 2014 newsletter)

    Padian, Kevin 1972: We have started a prize in memory of Bob Linsley. It is an award given to a rising senior (i.e., about to enter senior year) who, in the view of the faculty, shows promise for a career in research and teaching, and intends to go to graduate school. The funds may be used to go to GSA or other meetings, to do field or lab work, to purchase supplies and equipment for research, to attend field camp, to visit museum collections, or any other related purpose. The subject area is not restricted to Bob's interests! Anyone in the department can qualify. So far a couple of very deserving students have made good use of the funds. But we would like to increase the fund so that more than one student can benefit, and perhaps to move into cross- disciplinary awards. If you would like to learn more about this prize that honors the memory of an inspiring professor, wonderful human being, and -- shall we say -- a unique personality, please let me or Jodi know. Thanks! (submitted to 2012 newsletter)

    Paish, David 1980 My early career in Geology led me to work more and more frequently with computers in order to analyze the huge amounts of collected data. This naturally led me to work in the computer industry, but I have never forgotten the Colgate Geology Dept. and still enjoy in- vestigating outcrops from time to time with my kids. (submitted to 2014 newsletter)

    Palmer, Jeffrey 1980: Jeff retired from ExxonMobil at the end of August, 2018. Below is a photo of several Colgate Geology alums gathered for his retirement luncheon on ExxonMobil's campus north of Houston (Pictured, from left to right at the top of the page): Jay Barr '04, Heide Mairs '82, Jeffrey Palmer '80, Susannah Boote '13, Pamela Tiezzi Darwin '81, Barry Caspar '84, Robert Ylagan '90. Missing is Rob Graham '95 (submitted 8/2018)
    Houston ExxonMobile Colgate Geo Alums

    Peck, Craig 1982 Craig passed away on May 2, 2013. (submitted to 2014 newsletter)

    Posner, Holly 1984 I am teaching geology to 4th graders! (submitted to 2014 newsletter)

    Powell, JonPowell 1974: I'm still working mergers and acquisitions of high risk industries - energy, chemicals, and refining. Also, I'm the Mayor of Taylor Lake Village, TX. And in my spare time, just enjoying life. Come visit. (submitted to 2012 newsletter)

    Proctor, Chris 1984 Happy to be living in a place with rocks after years in the Mississippi Delta and low country South Carolina. (submitted to 2012 newsletter)

    Rader, Erika 2007 Received a PhD in Geology from the University of Idaho. (submitted to 2014 newsletter)

    Rampe, Elizabeth 2005: I have been working at the NASA Johnson Space Center for 3 years, studying water-rock interactions on the martian surface. I am a member of the Mars Science Laboratory rover (Curiosity) science team and on the MSL-CheMin XRD instrument team. I participate in daily mission operations and analyze data from the rover. I got engaged in December 2013 to Ryan Ewing (a geology professor at Texas A&M) and our wedding is in October 2014. (submitted to 2014 newsletter)

    Rankin, Douglas 1953: Although I retired in 1995, I remain active professionally. I maintain an office at the USGS in Reston, VA to which I go every day barring travel or other engagements. I have an ongoing research project of mapping in the Upper Connecticut Valley, New Hampshire-Vermont as well as spending time writing reports on past research projects. I am currently a member of the Board of Trustees of the Geological Society of America Foundation. (submitted to 2012 newsletter)

    Sandberg, Andy 1981 For the last 16 years I have worked for Samson Energy in Houston, where I am currently VP Deepwater GOM. Hope everybody is doing well. All the best. (submitted to 2014 newsletter)

    Schaub, Douglas 2012 Just returned to the US after completing my MSc at the University of Edinburgh and am currently applying for jobs, including some teaching positions. (submitted to 2014 newsletter)

    Schneeberger, Timothy 1972 Celebrating 41 years of marriage, Cynthia Clifford and I were married at St. Mary's Church in Hamilton in 1973. Our son Greg is a Presbyterian minister with a Ph.D. in Theology. With his wife Caitelen we have been blessed with two beautiful grand daughters. We enjoy our views of New Mexico geology, living atop some Pennsylvanian sandstone on the Sandia fault block above the Rio Grande rift. (submitted to 2014 newsletter)

    Schulenberg, John (Ted) 1952: My wife, Janet, died in December 2010 following 57 years of marriage. I teach a 12 hour course in geology at our Adult Education Center twice a year. The goal is to help our many retired, widely traveled folks better understand what they are looking at and how it got that way. I’m still waiting for an oft suggested, oft agreed that itw as a good idea and never realized all-years geology graduate reunion. (submitted to 2012 newsletter)

    Shapiro, Steven 1975 Love to hear what current students are doing, interesting field trips. Any use of computers in geology is interesting to note also. When I attended Colgate I was the only one from the Geology department to even have an ID for the school's mainframe. (No such thing as PCs back then of course). Do the students ever use modeling software? I used Petrel, SAS Stratamodel and others over the years and it would be interesting to know how computers are used in geology today at Colgate. (submitted to 2014 newsletter)

    Skarke, Adam 2003 In 2013, I completed my PhD in marine geology at the University of Delaware after spending the previous two years working as a field scientist with the NOAA Office of Ocean Exploration and Research. In January of this year, I started a new position as an assistant professor of geology at Mississippi State University, where my wife is an assistant professor as well. These days, I am busy setting up a field research program and designing courses in ocean- ography, geophysics, and sedimentology. (submitted to 2014 newsletter)

    Smith, Dale W. 1970: Astrogeophysics from Physics & Astronomy Dept. (not Geology), but studied with Chief as well as with Tony Aveni. Was on first Mexico trip (1970) led by Bob Linsley & Tony Aveni. Now, 100 countries & 7 continents later, am Professor of Physics & Astronomy and Planetarium Director at Bowling Green State University. Served as President of International Planetarium Society 1999-2000 and continue as Editor of the IPS Directory of the World's Planetariums. (submitted to 2012 newsletter)

    Snyder, Michael 1980: Still residing in Dallas, my daughter Grace begins high school in the Fall...won't be long until we're trekking north to visit Colgate. I'm a Trustee for St Alcuin Montessori, a toddler thru 8th grade program that is the largest Montessori in the country. The school has an active outdoor education program with geology as one of the topics! If anyone has some spare cash and would like make a donation toward the purchase of 80 acres of escarpment so we can expand the geo/outdoor education, I will forever be your friend :-) (submitted to 2012 newsletter)

    Stachelhaus, Jessica Poetzsch 2007 Jessica Poetzsch Stachelhaus '07 was married in March 2013 to Scott Stachelhaus (Earth Science, Boston University). She lives with him and their red standard poodle Charley at a boarding school in Newport, Rhode Island. Jessica is teaching Earth Science at Salve Regina University and loving it. (submitted to 2014 newsletter)

    Standish, Jeff 1992 Calling Washington DC home these days with my wife Cara Santelli (UW - Geology), our son Kai and dog Ranger. I have been involved with ACS for nearly 4 years now and manage the curriculum development team for Professional Development and specifically technical training courses. (submitted to 2014 newsletter)

    Steinglass, Jeff 1999 I am enjoying being back in Maine, returning in 2009 after a 15-year hiatus in Hamilton and Boston. Working at Woodard & Curran in their Portland office focusing on environmental assessment and corrective action to support redevelopment projects. I wish all faculty and alumni the best and would be thrilled to catch up over e-mail or a pint sometime soon. (submitted to 2014 newsletter)

    Taylor, Russell 1948: You have various groups of people that are way off base. I’m really amazed at their efforts (research-research) to stop gas well frac jobs lots of jobs and money lost. (submitted to 2012 newsletter)

    Telling, Jennifer 2008 Hi! Last summer I finished my PhD in geophysics at Georgia Tech, where my research focused on experimental volcanology. I started a post doc at Michigan Tech in January and briefly crossed paths with Steph Tubman ('08) up here! (submitted to 2014 newsletter)

    Trembly, Jeff 1978: Running a one-person environmental consulting firm for 11 years. Mostly groundwater quality work. Older daughter (26) getting married July 2012. Younger daughter (8) going to third grade. No retirement plans. (submitted to 2012 newsletter)

    Tubman, Stephanie 2008: I finished my Master's from Michigan Tech in August 2013. It was great to catch up with Connie Soja and Martin Wong and a bunch of fellow alums at the annual GSA meeting in Denver last fall. This year I am a communications fellow with the American Geo- sciences Institute in their new Critical Issues program, working to build an online hub of geoscience information for decision makers. (submitted to 2014 newsletter)

    Tumpane, Kyle 2006: I successfully defended and completed my M.S. in Geology in spring 2010 at Boise State University. Since then I have moved to Utah and was working at the Kennecott Bingham Canyon Copper Mine outside of Salt Lake City. This spring I joined the petrology group at TerraTek, part of the oilfield services company Schlumberger. I'm working on thin section and SEM analyses for oil and gas companies. I try to get out skiing, mountain biking and looking at interesting geology as much as I can while I'm here in Utah. I will also be getting married in early August, to my wonderful fiancee Katie who I met in grad school. (submitted to 2012 newsletter)

    Vendetti, Jann 2001 Hi everyone! I'm moving on from my postdoc at Cal State Los Angeles this summer and will begin a research and outreach position at the LA County Museum of Natural History as the Twila Bratcher Endowed Chair in Malacological Research (fossil and extant). Otherwise, my husband and I have our hands full with a lively and hilarious two-year old. When and if you are in Los Angeles, please look us up! (submitted to 2014 newsletter)

    Visaggi, Christy 2002: It's been an exciting year in geology-related news for me. I received the Winifred Goldring Award from the Association for Women Geoscientists, which goes to an outstanding female pursuing a career in paleontology. Following that, I landed a job as a faculty member in geosciences at Georgia State University; I start in August 2012. Most recently, I defended my PhD, which utilized modern marine organisms to help investigate evolutionary patterns of predation in the fossil record. I'm now looking forward to exploring Atlanta this fall and creating "opportunities" for my own students to showcase their knowledge in the classroom. Thanks to Dr. Soja and the rest of the geology faculty for a great start to my career at Colgate! My husband, also a geologist (Arizona '99, Syracuse '04), is doing well and works at CH2M Hill. Hope to catch up with a few of you at GSA in Charlotte, and if any of you stop by the ATL, please drop me a line! Finally, congratulations to fellow 'Gate geology alum, Dr. Jann Vendetti on the new arrival to her family. :-) (submitted to 2012 newsletter)

    Vyhnal, Chris 1987 Still enjoying the good life in sunny southern CA. Theresa's working in the development office here, and our oldest son Nolan just finished his freshmen year at Thacher. Our other kids are Meg (7th grade), Katie (6th grade), and Jack (3rd grade). Teaching more chemistry and astronomy than geology now, but I backpack in Yosemite every fall where I get to enjoy the gorgeous granitic landscape in the Sierra Nevada batholith. (submitted to 2014 newsletter)

    Wagner, Mark 1978 Senior VP responsible for client management for multinational corporations with holdings in Mexico and Latin America on issues related to environment, buildings, water and infrastructure. Celebrating 33 years with Arcadis. Working out of the Maryland Office. (submitted to 2014 newsletter)

    Wehler, Bryan 1998: Thank goodness for organic shale deposits! During a very weak economy, our business has continued to prosper thanks in large part to the Marcellus + Utica shale for- mations. ARM Group, Inc. provides engineering and environmental consulting services in support of the safe and environmentally sustainable extraction of natural gas from shale formations in the Appalachian Basin. (submitted to 2012 newsletter)

    White, Philip 1970: Lucky to have a lovely wife of 29 years, 3 sons, young men of 20, 22 and 24. Love living in Honolulu, life is good. To old friends, let me now if you are visiting Hawaii. (submitted to 2012 newsletter)

    Wiener, Richard 1973 Two years ago I retired to Asheville NC after 30 years at ExxonMobil. Currently I am teaching 2 geology classes at OLLI center for retirement learning at U.NC at Asheville. Jim Hibbard helped me put material together for one of my courses. I am married with 2 daughters and one granddaughter. My elder daughter works at Museum of Life and Science in Durham and my other daughter lives in Raleigh and works for the US Forest Service. (submitted to 2014 newsletter)

    Williams, Jason 2003: Can’t believe it’s been 10 years since OC ’02 – what an experience! I find myself with a firmly established sense of place in my hometown of Syracuse, NY with Laura and our sons (Evan and Martin). I just began my 5th year teaching earth science at Corcoran HS. The school’s campus has access to a trail system, which provides frequent field experiences for my students. I look forward to reading about you all in this newsletter and I hope to catch up with my friends soon. (submitted to 2012 newsletter)

    Wininger, David 2012: My daughter Morgan is six and a half and entering first grade next year. Whenever we are outside, she selects a piece of nature to bring in and it is almost always a rock. I'm in my fifth year of teaching at Lexington High School, but will be teaching physics for the first time next year. Nicholas Gould '98 is a physics teacher there as well. I also recently got engaged to Amanda Hope Smith '05 and will be completing my master’s de- gree in Curriculum and Instruction at the end of July.

    Wuzniak, Ruth Smith 1979 I work 3 days a week (my choice), so I can have long weekends to travel and spend time with my 6 Grandchildren. This summer my husband and I are taking 14 people to tour Poland for 2 weeks. (submitted to 2014 newsletter)