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Colgate GIS Data Sources (GEOG 245)

National Data Clearinghouses

Federal Geographic Data Committee

The National Map Viewer (USGS) - Orthophoto, elevation, digital raster graphic, and many more 
Earth Explorer - Several types of data

Starting the Hunt - By U.S. state. Includes links to attribute data as well as geospatial data

National Historical GIS - Historical U.S. Census data (1790-2000)

Census 2000 TIGER/Line Data - From ESRI

Census Bureau Maps - U.S. Census Bureau. Includes up-to-date boundary files

Chronic Disease GIS Exchange -CDC, useful for public health data and maps.  Also contains some tutorials and software.

List of 50+ Federal GIS Servers

International data

CloudMade - Detailed political boundary maps of countries and many more. 

Historical GIS clearing house - List of many external, international GIS data sources.

Free spatial data from DIVA-GIS

LandScan by Oak Ridge National Lab - Global population distribution data

Useful Links

Stanford University: Websites for Digital GIS data - Links to many useful GIS data sites

How to find coordinates on Google Maps 1 - Short Java script method

How to find coordinates on Google Maps 2 - Google Maps Add-on

GIS Job Clearinghouse

NYS GIS Association

Free online statistics software

Originally developed for GEOG245: Geographic Information Systems, Department of Geography, Colgate University, Hamilton, New York