NCSAM 2019 - Cyber Safety Starts at Home

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That time of year, draws ever so near. When stuffed full of turkey or your favorite holiday dish, we take to the stores to scratch that technology itch. We purchase the latest gizmos, with security set by ‘who knows?’ We rip open that package, throw aside that styrofoam. The label says Connect Me, and suddenly, it starts to phone home.  

Whether it's a smart TV, digital home assistant or live video doorbell, all these devices have one thing in common. In order to function properly, these devices need to connect to your home WiFi network in order to reach the Internet. Unfortunately, with manufacturers focusing on market share, little to no effort is being spent on ensuring these devices are properly secured from attackers or malicious actors. Fortunately, there are steps you can take, such as changing the default password and enabling additional security settings on these devices. With our increasingly technology filled digital lives, read these tips to learn more about how you can stay safe and secure at home. 

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