ITS Research Computing for Summer 2020

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To the Faculty:

Each summer, ITS Research Computing normally reaches out to help update computer labs, check backup strategies, and help prepare your students for summer research. This year offers different challenges, and here is a list of technologies we have made available to support remote summer research.

  • Our computer cluster ( is fully accessible from off campus to anyone using the Colgate GlobalProtect VPN service.
  • Likewise, the ITS Research VM infrastructure can be accessed via VPN and has the flexibility to offer exceptional computational power and licensed software for research projects.
  • Amazon AWS Appstream is a virtual computer lab where our campus standard software is installed and can be used by researchers and students.   
  • Amazon EC2 cloud computing instances are yet another virtual computer technology that offer unique hardware such as GPU-accelerated processing, compute-, memory- or storage-optimized instances, or alternative architectures such as ARM.  
  • During the spring semester, many software publishers offered free licensing of research software for students as a response to COVID-19.  It’s unclear at this time which of those licenses will also be available for the summer, but ITS Research Computing will be tracking the software needs for research and making sure faculty and students are aware of what is available.  
  • Some research projects may be best suited by working with remote desktop via the Colgate VPN.  Where feasible, ITS Research Computing will assist in setting up and granting access to students and faculty to remotely work with physical computers in the labs.

We are here to try to help with any of your research projects. Please fill out this form to help us understand your research computing needs and we’ll get back to you.