University Code of Student Conduct

Student Discipline

The System of University Standards and Student Conduct resolves possible violations of the Code of Student Conduct by matriculated or enrolled Colgate students on or off campus. The disciplinary system seeks to educate students about both personal freedoms and the limits of belonging to and living in a diverse academic community. To this end, students play a central role in the administration of this system. Students participate in shaping the rules that govern the communities in which they live, and bear personal responsibility for upholding and enforcing the standards for student conduct.

The Disciplinary Officer, appointed by the Dean of the College, oversees the System of University Standards and Student Conduct. In addition to the Disciplinary Officer and their administrative staff, the system consists of Community Councils and the University Student Conduct Board.

The University’s disciplinary system is not a substitute for civil or criminal court proceedings. Students on campus as well as off campus are subject to federal, state and local laws.