Shaw Wellness Ambassadors help Colgate undergraduates identify wellness needs on campus from a student’s perspective — and address them.

Wellness ambassadors work closely with both Shaw Wellness Institute staff and the greater Colgate community to increase awareness of wellness resources on Colgate’s campus. There are three groups of Shaw Wellness Ambassadors.

As a Campus Partner Liaison, students will work with their campus partners to promote Shaw events, learn about wellness needs in partner departments, promote partner events, provide resources that will supplement partner programs on campus, and meet any other wellness needs that are specific to the department. The roles of liaison ambassadors may vary, depending on the demands of individual partner-departments.

Bystander Intervention Facilitators present the Bystander Intervention curriculum to their fellow students and help to prevent dangerous situations including power-based violence, hazing, and substance use throughout the Colgate community. They teach ways to implement active bystander behaviors in order to make Colgate a safer and more inclusive community. 

Peer Coaches are trained to be empathetic, supportive resources on campus. They will create a safe space to share without judgment and, as peers, they can relate to stresses that many students face. Peer Coaches can help with setting goals and supporting students.  


To apply to be a Shaw Wellness Ambassador, please email for information on what positions are available and when applications will be open.