At Colgate, we engage in preventative measures of sexual assault through programs such as Bystander Intervention 1.0.

Bystander Intervention 1.0 is a required program for all first year students on sexual assault prevention.  This program teaches and encourages students to intervene in situation which may lead to an act of sexual violence. Bystander ambassadors teach first-years about active bystander behavior and how they can implement those behaviors into their daily lives.  During their first few weeks at school, students must attend Bystander Intervention with their FSEM orientation groups as well as their Link.

This program, which runs for approximately 2 hours, goes through various situations students may find themselves in and how they can become an active bystander instead of a passive one to prevent situations that can lead to acts of sexual violence. This program is led by student ambassadors who have been trained in presenting and teaching the behaviors of an active bystander which can be translated into their daily lives.

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