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If you need changes made to a certain webpage, use the table below to find the appropriate content maintainer by department or office. If the correct department or office isn't listed, or you aren't sure who maintains a specific page, contact for assistance.

Office/Department Content Maintainer
Accounting and Control Jason Shumaker
Admission Kristin Monteith, Alexandra Fahey, Dan Shanley
Advancement Rebecca Cato, Vicki Stone
Africana and Latin American Studies (ALST) Nicole Carvell
ALANA Cultural Center

Esther Rosbrook, Carly Dougher

Art and Art History

Lois Wilcox, Lesley Chapman

Asian Studies Dai Yamamoto
Biology Rene Beers
Campus Safety

Mary Williams, Brittany Fuller

Career Services Aaron Deland
Center for Freedom and Western Civilization Cindy Terrier
Center for International Programs Aaron Solle
Center for Leadership and Student Involvement (CLSI)

Denise Upton, Edie MacPherson, Leigh-Ann Wenzel

Center for Learning, Teaching, and Research

Karyn Belanger, Renée Chapin, Evelyn Lester

Center for Women's Studies August Halbach
Chapel House Rodney Agnant
Chaplains' Office Alisha Duclos
Chemistry Carrie McFall
Classics Beth MacKinnon
Corporate, Foundation, and Government Relations (Grants) Kerry Linden
Counseling Center Christian Beck
Dean of the College

Ellen Holm, Jennifer JonesKristin Cothran, Lindsay Hadlock

Dean of the Faculty/Provost Tammy Ertley, Diane Beach
Dining Services Rachel Morris
Division of the Arts and Humanities Beth MacKinnon
Division of University Studies Kelly Snyder
East Asian Languages and Literatures (EALL) Nicole Catgenova
Economics Marni Manwarren, Dominique Brabant
Educational Studies Erin Conway
Emergency Management Mary Williams
English Tess Jones
Environmental Health and Safety

Cindy Geertgens, Mary Williams, Jenna Nash

Environmental Studies

Pamela Gramlich

Equity and Diversity

Debbie Krahmer, Lesley Chapman, Pat Kochan

Facilities Ashley Weaver
Fraternity and Sorority Advising Amber Decker
Film and Media Studies Angela Kowalski
Finance and Administration Amanda Eaves
Financial Aid Laura Andrekanic, Deanna Meek

Myongsun Kong

Geology Di Keller
German Nicole Catgenova, Matthew Miller
Haven Denise Contreras
Health Sciences Advising Carrie McFall, Julie Chanatry
Health Services Julie Dolly, Renee Russell, Ellen Larson
History Kezia Lawler
Ho Tung Visualization Lab Joe Eakin
Human Resources

Kayla Snow Smith, Jill Dinski

Information Technology Services

Jon Beers, Sarah Curtis, Robin Bridson, Dan Wheeler

Institutional Planning and Research Karen Cheal
International Relations Cindy Terrier
International Student Services

Aaron Solle, Jennifer Jones

Jewish Studies Leialoha Mara
Keck Center for Language Study

Cory Duclos, Dan Mahoney

Lampert Institute Aaron Solle
LGBTQ Initiatives Tiffany Lane
Linguistics Leialoha Mara
Longyear Museum of Anthropology

Scott Lewis, Michelle Van Auken

Mathematics Charlotte Jablonski
Max A. Shacknai Center for Outreach, Volunteerism and Education (COVE)

Jeremy Wattles, Erin Childers-Loranty, Meghan Niedt, Karli Caputo

Medieval and Renaissance Studies Jennifer Von Matt
Middle Eastern Studies and Islamic Civilization (MIST) Nicole Catgenova
National Fellowships and Scholarships Tammy Ertley, Tish Solomon, Anita Scheible
Native American Studies (NAST) Nicole Carvell
Neuroscience Debra Linneman
Off-Campus Study Aaron Solle
Office of the President

Maureen McKinnon, Debbie Pils

Office of Undergraduate Studies (OUS)

Frank Kuan, Jennifer Jones

Outdoor Education

Ben Oliver, Colleen Nassimos

Peace and Conflict Studies (PCON) Nicole Carvell
Philosophy Leialoha Mara
Physics and Astronomy Diane Janney, Ramesh Adhikari
Picker Art Gallery

Michelle Van Auken, Scott Lewis

Picker Interdisciplinary Science Institute Rene Beers
Political Science Cindy Terrier
Psychological and Brain Sciences Laura Billings
Purchasing Currently no content maintainer
Registrar's Office

Sue BurdickNeil Albert

Religion Darlene Curtis
Residential Life Rachael Lovato, Laura Billings
Romance Languages and Literatures Jennifer Von Matt
Russian and Eurasian Studies (REST) Currently no content maintainer
Shaw Wellness Institute

Vicki Coates

Sociology and Anthropology (SOAN) Stephanie DeVries
Summer Programs Jamie-Lee Broedel

Pamela Gramlich

Theater Denise Crandall
Undergraduate Scholars Programs Jennifer Jones
Upstate Institute Julie Dudrick, Rachel Amann-Burns, Karli Caputo
Women's Studies August Halbach
Writing and Rhetoric Jennifer Lutman
Writing and Speaking Center Jennifer Lutman