Students interested in conducting academic research or creative projects on a self-selected topic may qualify for funding from the university.

Student-Initiated Reseach Fellowships

Enrique "Kiko" Galvez, Charles A. Dana Professor of Physics and Astronomy works with students in the laser lab in the Ho Science Center.

Student-initiated fellowships envision research or creative projects supervised by faculty members, but proposed by students.

A student wishing to pursue a self-inspired project should identify and consult with a Colgate faculty member to receive guidance and a commitment from the faculty member to serve as a formal adviser throughout the project. The project does not need to be related to the faculty member's own research or specific area of scholarly or artistic interest.

The student and faculty member will then collaborate on an application for funding, found below.

Important deadlines:

Stage Deadline
Student submits proposal online. Support letter from faculty mentor is submitted directly to the division director. early March 2020
Awards to students are announced late March 2020
Students accept position late March 2020
Hard copy of final arrangements mailed to students April 2020
Summer Housing TBD


Students who receive funding will be compensated at $450 per week.

Notes and Restrictions

  • Graduating seniors are not eligible for student-initiated fellowships.
  • At the project's conclusion, students must submit an abstract highlighting the project's accomplishments, written for a non-specialist, to the Center for Learning, Teaching, and Research. This abstract will be included in the Summer Undergraduate Research Directory.

Human and Animal Subjects

Research projects that will be using human or animal subjects are subject to review, rules, and guidelines from Colgate's Institutional Review Board (human participants), and the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (animal participants).



This type of funding envisions projects supervised by faculty mentors but proposed by students. Projects do not need to be related to the faculty member’s research or specific area of scholarly or artistic interest, but the faculty mentor must agree to supervise the student for the duration of the project. Students apply for funding in consultation with faculty mentors.

Before beginning the form, you will need to determine the proposed start and end date for your research through conversation with your proposed faculty mentor. 

Please consult with your faculty mentor when preparing your proposal. The narrative must follow these guidelines and be written for a single project and include the title for that project:

  1. Written for a non-specialist. 
  2. Clearly identify the question to be addressed by the research project, and its significance. 
  3. Specifically and concretely describe the sources, experimental plan, approaches, or methodology that will be used, and how they will address the research question. 
  4. Describe any alternative approaches or experimental plans, if applicable. 
  5. Where applicable, appropriate references must be included. 
  6. Include a timeline of anticipated tasks

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Faculty will be accessing student transcripts through Degree Works as part of the evaluation process.

The timeline for this type of funding is listed in the table above. Division directors will collate proposals and circulate them to all chairs, allowing them at least a week to review department members’ and other proposals under consideration.

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Contact Information

Questions regarding the summer fellowship application process and funding opportunities may be directed to:

Karyn Belanger, Director of Undergraduate Research