Small Dollar and Local Vendor Purchases

Policies and procedures to simplify and expedite purchase orders.


  1. The limit of each in-town purchase without a Purchase Order has been increased to a total of $500.00. You will be required to have a proper I.D. and Banner department budget number. All in-town purchases over $500.00 require a Purchase Order.
  2. Purchases from out-of-town vendors (outside the Village of Hamilton) do not require a Purchase Order if:
    • The purchase is under $500.00.
    • Payment is made with net terms, in cash, personal check, or personal credit card and
    • The goods will be picked up by authorized university personnel.
  3. If you wish to have your purchase delivered to Colgate directly, a Purchase Order must be obtained regardless of the dollar amount.
  4. For any purchase without a Purchase Order, you should obtain a sales tax exemption form from the Controller's Office. Requests for reimbursement should be directed to the Purchasing Office.
  5. A Purchase Order is not required for the purchase of local in-town grocery items.
  6. All orders over $500.00 require a requisition to be forwarded to the Purchasing Department.

Procedure for Purchase Orders over $10,000.00

For orders over $10,000.00 from Vendors not under contract, an online requisition should be submitted and must be accompanied by two or more quotations.

If unable to obtain two or more competitive quotes, a Waiver of Competitive Bidding Form must be filled out (follow the instructions found on the form). One of the three categories should be checked, 1) Sole Source 2) Emergency 3) Economic. A justification/explanation for the category must also be provided. The form should be signed by the initiator and Department Budget Manager and forwarded to Purchasing for approval.

Please contact the Purchasing Department for any questions.

Disbursement Vouchers

  • Disbursement vouchers requesting checks for the purchase of pamphlets, brochures, and similar items should be sent directly to the Controller's Office with supporting documentation. The department's name should be written in the "ship-to" section on the vendor form.
  • Regular magazine and journal subscriptions will be processed by the Controller's Office. The vendor's order form or documentation should be included with the disbursement voucher.
  • Registration forms for conferences and seminars should be sent directly to the Controller's Office (accompanied with a disbursement voucher) unless a Purchase Order is required.
  • Membership fees for organizations should be sent directly to the Controller's Office (accompanied with a disbursement voucher).