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09/07/2019: An Entrepreneur's Life & Personal Brand

The first TIA Workshop paints a realistic picture of the rollercoaster of highs and lows in the life of an entrepreneur. With testimonials from alumni mentors, we highlight failures, successes, and what it really takes to be an entrepreneur. We also discuss 'Personal Brand', which is the single most important ingredient to success for an entrepreneur. It is made up of many things including; delivering on commitments, identifying strengths and weaknesses, problem solving, treating failures as lessons learned, establishing trust, and being adaptable and resilient. Through introspection, hard work and tolerance for critique, you CAN shape and improve your personal brand, which will increase your odds of success.

10/05/2019: Presenting Your Venture

This TIA Workshop considers the importance of “clarity of message” and offers clear advice on the building blocks of a convincing pitch/presentation. We discuss Problem / User / Solution / Benefit, “knowing your audience”, and also stress having a clear “ask” when meeting with decision-makers who can influence your chances of winning. 

11/02/2019: Building a Team

This TIA Workshop discusses the importance of building great teams, delegating, working with friends and family, and hiring. Mentor testimonials provide heart-felt perspectives into the art (not science) of creating winning teams as well as recommendations on avoiding pitfalls that will slow, or even derail, your progress. Expectation management, clear deliverables, interview guides, job specifications and 'trusting your gut' are some of the topics that make this such a lively workshop. 

12/07/2019: Optimizing your Venture

This TIA Workshop focuses on "knowing" vs. "thinking" you have a good idea. We discuss quantitative and qualitative research methods, getting to know your customer/user, minimum viable products, the importance of relevance & differentiation, and general intelligence gathering through being good listeners.

02/01/2020: Startup Marketing Fundamentals

This TIA Workshop covers the basics of what an early-stage venture needs to know and do relative to marketing. We dive into the differences between features and benefits, dissect the fundamental steps a customer/user goes through when deciding to engage/purchase, and then analyze how to weave all the information together into great story telling that reaches your customers/users across various channels. This intro to marketing helps our teams realize that marketing is way more that just sending a few emails and posting to social media...there is real science and art behind it if you plan to do it well and grow your venture. 

02/29/2020: Startup Sales Fundamentals

This TIA Workshop focuses on the basics of selling. We introduce the importance of understanding the needs of customers/stakeholders, the art of making an 'ask', and the steps to getting the order. We bring these concepts to life through role playing where teams experience first-hand what does and doesn't work. Ultimately teams walk away with a strong appreciation for developing a good sales process, as opposed to just asking "will you buy this?"

03/28/2020: Final Thoughts and Demo-Day Pitch Prep

This TIA Workshop is a recap of the concepts and topics covered over the year. We hear testimonials from entrepreneurs about what they learned and suffered through, as well as what they didn’t expect and the successes about which they feel most proud. Additionally, much of this weekend is dedicated to preparing for the Entrepreneur Weekend Demo Day. Entrepreneurs rehearse their pitches, discuss plans for their trade-show booths, develop clear “asks” and “needs”, and practice Q&A.

04/04/2020: Colgate Entrepreneur Weekend On Campus 

Entrepreneur Weekend is a celebration of Colgate’s entrepreneurial spirit. It features panels and speeches from world-renowned entrepreneurs, 'SharkTank'-style pitches from the TIA ventures, awards and capital commitments, and all the serendipitous things that happen when you put a large group of entrepreneurs in a room. Don’t miss out; you may just be inspired to start your next venture...crazier things have happened!

Video and Presentation Archive

  • Personal Brand and the Life of an Entrepreneur
    • PowerPoint (September 2019)
    • Video, "An Entrepreneur's Life: What do we all have in common?" presented by Andy Greenfield ’74, founder, TIA (September 2014)
  • Presenting Your Venture
    • PowerPoint (October 2019)
    • Video, presented by Bob Gold ’80, CEO and president, Ridgewood Capital (October 2013)
  • Building a Team: 
    • PowerPoint (November 2019)
    • Video, Andy Greenfield ’74, founder, TIA (November 2015)
  • Optimizing Your Venture
    • PowerPoint
    • Video, presented by Andy Greenfield ’74, founder, TIA (November 2013)
  • Startup Marketing Fundamentals
  • Startup Sales Fundamentals
  • Back to the Beginning (Year-end Review)
  • Tech Talent
    • Video, presented by Nicolo Giorgi ’06, founder and CTO, Draft; Joey Petracca ’13, co-founder and COO, Chicory; and Yuni Sameshima ’13, co-founder and CEO, Chicory (January 2016)
  • The Ask
    • Video, presented by Tim O’Neill ’78, chief investment officer, NP-International

Entrepreneurship Resources

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  • UVC Entrepreneurship Events Calendar - startup events in Upstate NY
  • Investors Field Guide - This site is an ongoing investigation into stocks, markets, investing strategies, and ways of thinking
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  • FuzeHub - connecting New York State manufacturers to a network of experts who help small-to-medium companies overcome obstacles to growth.
  • Chenango Valley Tech - manufacturing a plastic product? Call these guys just down the road
  • ThomasNet - search engine for suppliers for products and services nationwide

Funding Resources