You@Colgate: Personalized Wellness Resources For Your Student

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Colgate students live busy, active — and, sometimes, stressful — lives. In an effort to provide extra resources for students that support their overall wellness, the Shaw Wellness Institute has introduced YOU@colgate, a personalized wellness website.

At YOU@colgate, students can find tips and self-care strategies for tackling the challenges of being a college student.

Screen grab on Text Anxiety Tips Module

The site’s information resources are divided into three categories: Succeed (academics, career path, internships, and leadership), Thrive (sleep, stress, body image, nutrition, alcohol, and sexuality) and Matter (mindfulness, purpose, socialization, and resilience).

After logging in, a student can create a personal wellness page based on their interests and needs. In addition to articles, videos, and tips from across the country, they will be directed to offices or spaces on campus where they can find in-person resources to help them. The platform directs them to set goals in each of the three categories and provides strategies to help set and keep goals to increase the likelihood of success.

“Self Check” assessments help students measure how they are doing in each category.

Screen shot of You@Colgate Self-check page

The website is completely confidential, and free to all students who have a Colgate username.

Comments from students demonstrate how they are using and benefiting from You@Colgate.

“I’ve used the program when the Counseling Center isn’t open. You@Colgate offers quick relief/tips for me when I’m dealing with problems and can’t immediately reach out to a counselor.”

“My first year at Colgate went by very quickly. I finished the year still confused about how I made it through. And the truth is, I barely did. I was working nonstop without really considering my own wellness. Granted, I was working in Shaw and being exposed to various dimensions of how to exercise self-care, but realized I had not found a means to truly do it myself. YOU@Colgate was this means of doing so. I was first introduced to this website through a Shaw Ambassadors meeting but it wasn’t until my mom found out about it that I truly put it to practice. I use YOU@Colgate almost every week to check in with myself about how I am doing and what I may be lacking. The program even inspired me to keep a journal. I can’t remember the last time I truly shared my ideas and thoughts with myself. I realized that I can become my strongest asset. My hope is that Colgate students will use this resource for their own success.”

“YOU@colgate has helped me create a platform that focuses on me. It is too easy to attend to everyone and everything but yourself in the busy atmosphere of college. YOU@colgate provides an online resource that helps me do this. I use it to stay on track with my mental and physical health, my grades, and my goals. I especially love the articles provided if I ever need a relaxing time to pleasure read, learn something new, and delve into a topic of interest.” 

“As a Shaw liaison for both Health Services and LGBTQ+ Initiatives, YOU@Colgate allows me to gain quick access to a variety of resources on wellness topics that are very relevant for college students. This resource is especially useful when I am creating brochures or handouts on a specific topic related to the wellness dimension of the month, such as how occupational wellness can impact one’s overall health. I’ve also used it as a resource for my own personal wellness when I’m interested in learning more about stress management hacks or tips for improving my sleeping patterns. I think YOU@Colgate is such a convenient tool for students to engage in wellness research and improve their own personal goals.”

We are excited about this resource, which complements the Shaw Wellness Institute’s efforts to educate, connect, and inspire the Colgate community to lead well-balanced lives through proactive, holistic programming.